I feel the deepest pangs for the ones who look at crypto charts, see parabolas & say we're in a bubble

they don't realize they're looking at charts that shouldn't exist


such charts weren't possible before the birth of #bitcoin

such charts display the financial progression of an idea from conception

to implementation

to adoption

sers, such charts cannot resemble the financial charts of the past

looking at such charts is to gaze into a black mirror where you could have bought and sold shares in Uber from the moment Uber was first conceived of as an Uberish idea

If Uber shares were available from Uber's very genesis...

that chart would probably look a lot like what defi charts look like today

so the question a ser or lady must ask is

what if this is merely the beginning?

what if we're simply repricing projects from seed round to series A?

what if one's visions of tulips and parabolas make one sell not days or months early but years?

this I know...

crypto has changed the capital formation game...

& that means it has changed the charts in those fancy college đź“—s

all who understand shall lap at honey

all who understand shall confiscate $$$ from ones who don't
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