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+7,023 new cases (1.79 million total)
+238 new deaths (28,526 per @HealthyFla; 33,697 per @CDCgov upper-bound #COVID19 excess death count)
-756,334 fully vax'd

#Florida updated its antibody totals this week for the first time since November of 2020, adding 66,366 lab-confirmed infections to its antibody count.

That brings the total number of #COVID19 lab-confirmed infections, per @HealthyFla, to 1,828,054

Roughly 12% of the pop.

To reach herd immunity, #Florida would need to vaccinate or infect 6-7 times more people than have already been vaccinated or infected- assuming everyone with a past case still has immunity, which not clear/a guarantee.

Herd immunity route: 150,000-210,000 more people dead
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