THREAD: In @California_ISO, solar power is now large enough to impact wholesale price and operating dynamics. A new report from @BerkeleyLab documents the market impacts of solar in the 7 ISOs and 10 additional regions. More at 1/x
As the penetration of #solar power rose to 19% in @California_ISO, the market value (energy + capacity) dropped by more than half. Solar-induced changes increased the value of flexibility and benefits of regional integration. More at 2/x
Solar is king in California, supplying 19% of @California_ISO power in 2019, and 2/3 of all solar generation in the seven organized ISO markets in the US. Solar now has noticeable impacts on wholesale prices. More in our new report at 3/x
High levels of #solar power change power system operations, like making evening ramps bigger. It also raises ancillary service needs, particularly regulation reserves, resulting in higher regulation-down prices. More in @BerkeleyLab’s new report at 4/x
Find out how #solar energy and capacity value varies across locations and over time with new interactive visualizations from @Berkeley Lab at All of the insights are available at /end
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