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1/x Facts

👉 Founded: 2009 (launched beta 2010)
👉 HQ: San Francisco
👉 Founderled
👉 IPO: 2019
👉 Employees: 2,545
👉 Job openings: 182 positions
2/x Acquisitions

👉 Livestar (2013)
👉 Hackermeter (2013)
👉 Hike Labs (2015)
👉 URX (2016)
👉 Instapaper (2016)
👉 Jelly Industries (2017)


Total funding since launch $1.5B💰
5/x Newsflow (older):

Shopify x Pinterest

They have launched a new app with Shopify that gives their more than one million merchants a quick way to upload catalogs to Pinterest and turn their products into shippable Product Pins, in just a few clicks. https://newsroom.pinterest.com/en/post/pinterest-launches-shopify-app-for-easy-merchant-access-to-catalogs
6/x Lawsuit

On behalf of investors that purchased Pinterest common stock between May 16, 2019 and November 1, 2019 a Class Action again Pinterest.

7/x Ownership

0,59% held by insiders (very low!)
72,52% held by institutions

Short interest: 2,1%.
8/x Analysts

Number of analysts tracking: 28.

Strong buy: 6
Buy: 13
Hold: 9
Underperform: 0
Sell: 0
9/x User base

459 million (+37% YoY)
Int.: 361M
US: 98M

“Prior trends around higher growth in international users and higher growth from users under 25 years old continued in the quarter."

Global ARPU was $1.57 (US: $5.94, International ARPU was $0.35)
10/x Product

In 4Q 2020, the number of boards created globally increased 50% year over year.

interest witnessed growth in boards created in core Pinterest categories, including a 49% increase in beauty, a 103% increase in women’s fashion and a 37% increase in home decor.
11/x Financials Q4

Revenue $706 million , up 76% YoY (US +67%, International +145%*)

Adj. EBITDA: $299 million (margins of 42%)

*Total international revenue was $123 million, an increase of 145% YoY.
12/x Financials 2020

Revenue was $1.69bn (+48% vs 2019).

Monthly active users were 459mn (+37% vs 2019)

Net loss was $(128.3)mn

Cash & cash equivalents were $1.76bn.
13/x Fast lookback:

Rewind to October and recall Pinterest reporting a stellar comeback quarter after a coronavirus-related slowdown in advertising spend in Q2. After growing its revenue just 4% year over year in Q2, Pinterest's top-line growth accelerated to 58% in Q3.
14/x Guidance:

Management guided for 60% revenue growth, did 76%. Very well.

Guidance for next quarter: 'Low 70% (stated on earning call).

It ain't slowing down!
15/x Statement on earning call:

“Pinterest calls out that they are in the early stages of monetization efforts, as company is expanding sales efforts to reach advertisers in additional international markets, with an initial focus on Western Europe and other select markets.."
16/x Statement on earning call:

"We have things like search tools like Lens, the ability to shop from boards, the ability to shop trends. And we saw a significant uptick in product search in 2020, it went up about 20x last year alone"
17/x How?

”..we've invested in our ability to better deliver returns accountable performance advertising, including scaling conversion optimization ads, shopping ads and building improved automation to help advertisers of all sizes more easily onboard and realize the value.."
18/x How?


"And I'm pleased that our international business grew 145% year-over-year on the back of strong advertising demand. International markets now represent 17% of total revenue."
19/x Future:

Plan for 2021 - Focus areas:

1⃣ The first priority is inspiring content.
2⃣ The second priority is deepening the Pinner experience.
3⃣ third priority is helping advertisers succeed.
4⃣ The fourth and final priority is shopping.
20/x Own notes

Conversion visibility is likely to get tougher (IDFA)

Ben mentioned that a change in Apple’s operating-system update that will allow users to opt out of some targeted advertising could affect Pinterest. But it is not a surprise and they will work around it.
21/x Own notes

From my point of view, is a combination search, social and e-commerce combine into one Social platform. A perfect mix between Facebook, Amazon, Instagram and Google.

Great value prop💰
22/x Own notes

The next wave of growth could come from international markets, which represent 17% of total revenue: “We’re still relatively under-penetrated there.” Says Ben.

U.S. ARPU was $5.94, an increase of 49% year over year.

International ARPU was $0.35, an increase of 67% year over year.

"International ARPU remains in the early stages, as we have only begun to execute on our strategy to provide ads that are useful and inspiring to our users in regions outside of the U.S."
23/x Global scale

The growth definitely needs to come from a global scale and not so much US after my opinion, which ARPU shows $5.94 (US) and only $0.35 international.

Great opportunity here!
24/x Own notes

The digitalization will continue to go, and the same with the budget put into these platforms. So spend on “alternatives platforms” like Pinterest, SNAP will increase as the digital spend will.

We do it in our own businesses (primarily $SNAP).
25/x Own notes

The tempo in the business looks pretty impressive, I hope most of this scale in happing international, so Pinterest can become a global brand (more than they already are).
26/x Own notes

I know a lot of marketing agencies (DK + Scandinavian), they tell, that they are started (for real) last year to onboard customers on the platform with excellent results.

Primarily e-commerce, brand names and house-stuff atm.
27/x Own notes:

We do not use $PINS in our marketing in our business, but I talk with a lot of guys in the space: First, they max out their budget on FB and Google and are now moving towards newer channels as Pinterest.

Here is ARPU for $FB. Think of Pinterest comes near it🚀
28/x Own notes:

The is a lot of talk about valuation and so on. Note I never take a stand on the valuation or the stock price in these summaries. This is up to you to judge this. I will not have any comments on this. People are too different to make a statement here.
29/29 FINISH🚀

Very long in this one, the potential is so damn huge. Love the vision, love the opportunity in increasing userbase globally and potential in raising ARPU👀

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