On a quest for your next great read?

Here are 4 of my favorite book recommendation sites:

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1) FavoBooks

This site has book recommendations from outstanding people throughout history.

Learn what books:

• Nelson Mandela
• Sigmund Freud
• Albert Einstein

And many more incredible figures loved reading. http://favobooks.com 
2) Goodbooks io

This site collects book recommendations from hundreds of successful people and ranks the books by most recommended.

You can filter by 15+ categories such as:

• Health & Fitness
• Money & Investing
• Science & Nature

and much more. http://Goodbooks.io 
3) The CEO Library

Ever wondered what books the CEO of your favorite company recommends?

This is the site for you.

It also includes past business leaders such as:

• Andrew Carnegie
• Jack Welch
• Andrew Grove

and dozens of other business execs. https://www.theceolibrary.com/ 
4) Most Recommended Books

Probably my favorite site on this list because they cite the sources for their book recommendations.

So whether you're looking at book recs from @BillGates or @joerogan, you'll see what they actually said about the book. http://MostRecommendedBooks.com 
Enjoyed this list?

Here's a bonus thread with a few more wonderful book rec sources. https://twitter.com/AlexAndBooks_/status/1354833356157022218
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