Leftists want a fair, democratic & sustainable economy.

Capitalism inherently & systematically delivers the opposite.

If your long-term vision doesn’t include replacing capitalism with something better, either you’re not a leftist or you don’t understand capitalism. 1/9
Wages are our claim to our share of our collective economic efforts.

A good economy would provide equitable wages rewarding us for effort, sacrifice or duration of work.

Capitalism doesn’t do any of those things. 2/9 https://twitter.com/ArashKolahi/status/1210332075787608065
Capitalism systematically rewards bargaining power, leading to massive inequities: Poverty vis-à-vis extreme wealth.

No one works 100x 1,000x or 10,000 times longer or harder than anyone else, yet we have income disparities even greater than that. 3/9 https://twitter.com/ArashKolahi/status/1230953222375763969
Democracy means those affected by decisions have a fair say in those decisions.

Workplaces make decisions that affect communities, workers & even the entire planet. Yet Capitalism systematically excludes all those affected from having any say. 4/9 https://twitter.com/ArashKolahi/status/1217915779745628160
Engaging & participating in the decisions that affect our lives is a source of fulfillment as deep rooted to our nature as consciousness.

Capitalism robs this from the working-class leading to alienation – totally pervasive in capitalist workplaces. 5/9 https://twitter.com/ArashKolahi/status/1212842818286211072
Capitalism is inherently environmentally destructive because Capitalism’s allocation system, markets, are not only incapable of taking into account the environmental effects of our activities, they *incentivize* the destruction of the environment. 6/9 https://twitter.com/ArashKolahi/status/1222960371171872769
Capitalims's markets are by-definition inefficient, wasteful & environmentally destructive because they 1) are incapable of taking externalities into consideration & 2) *incentivizes & reward* externalization of environmental degradation, proven here: 7/9 https://twitter.com/ArashKolahi/status/1164321010964815872
Contrary to Capitalist propaganda, Capitalism also stifles creativity & innovation for many reasons, including the robbing of the working-class & poor of their creative & innovative potentials, knowledge hoarding etc. 8/9 https://twitter.com/ArashKolahi/status/1225940422855290880
As leftists we should seek a fair, democratic & environmentally sustainable economy.

But Capitalism systematically can't deliver. We can do better.

We should seek Band-Aids to curb the worst of Capitalism... but do so along a trajectory to an inherently better system. 9/9
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