51/ ...their cars, charging networks, in-car software you subscribe to (data, FSD, etc.) I love SaaS in the space sector.

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52/ #Astra has a quarter of a million square foot facility where they design, manufacture & test over 90% of their system in one building, unlike the large rocket companies like Space X.
53/ #AStra builds their batteries, motors, valves, tanks, etc. from raw materials at this facility.

It allows Astra to move quickly.

This is part of why they achieved orbital capacity in half the time it took Space X -- their entire team and facilities are in one place.
Think about this - Astra is a rocket company because customers want to get satellites into space.

But Astra will also make the satellites that they'll haul into space...

|...& manage those satellites for the customers. Again, reminds me of #TESLA & their Semi trucks.
#ASTRA's CEO was on CNBC last week and said,

"SpaceX has giant rockets, and with the Falcon 9 and a Starship, it is by far the most efficient way to get a lot of stuff to one place in space. We're seeing hundreds of companies that want to get from anywhere on ...
56/ earth to anywhere in space on their schedule, not wait years to get a lot of things to one place. & so, we're really focused on building a much smaller rocket produced in much higher volume, launched from a much larger number of locations."

Let that sink in. Pretty powerful.
BTW, #SPACS are the rage now, and so is #SPACE tech, thanks to #ElonMusk and #SpaceX. Mix the two together, and you get #ASTRA (currently the ticker $HOL for now, $ASTR once the merger is complete.)
The implied 3.1x 2025 EBITDA multiple represents an attractive entry point given Astra’s technology is proven, they compete in a supply-constrained, high-growth market, and have all the elements in place to deliver confidently on their projections for many years to come.
They have customers signed, more in the pipeline, and more launches backlogged than they can handle over the next 3 years.
60/ As word gets out that this is somewhat like a mini-SpaceX.

I expect $HOL (soon $ASTR) to easily become a multibagger this year alone for me.

I bought it at $15, and I definitely feel $30 is coming fast, making this the newest multi-bagger-to-be addition to my portfolio.
I hope this helped!

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