🔥I JUST bought $300,000.00 in ASTRA ( $HOL ) STOCK!🔥

1/ It's a #SpaceX type company & I'm very excited!

Read the 61 thread post below with my notes on WHY I did it. 👇👇👇

2/ #ASTRA ($ASTR) currently trading under the #SPAC symbol $HOL (Holicity)

It is a space company the manufactures smaller rockets and #spacecraft to allow businesses to launch into space very quickly and cheaply, from anywhere in the world.
3/ I first bought 10K shares of $HOL last week at $15...

... an additional 7500 shares this morning in pre-trading @$20/share...

...for a total of $300,000 (actually $304,233 / I rounded the share prices.)
4/ #ASTRA is a pre-revenue company. If you don't like this, $HOL is not for you.

I'm going to talk about a 5-year vision for this company, and why I invested because of it.
5/ When I say pre-revenue, keep in mind that #Astra DOES have $150 million in contracted revenue representing over a hundred spacecraft waiting to be launched into space.
6/ The first commercial #ASTRA flight is scheduled for mid-2021, but it appears they won't have the capacity to fulfill even their current backorders until 2023...

...not including all the NEW orders they pick up over the next 3 years.
7/ I like that #ASTRA will be backlogged and have tons of orders (and revenue) for the foreseeable future. $ASTR will be growing as fast as they possibly can.
8/ OK, so here's the bottom line -- people want to invest in #SpaceX.

But you typically can't unless you're an accredited investor, and then you have to be in the right place at the right time to find somebody willing to sell those #stocks.

And #SpaceX isn't going ...
9/ public anytime soon according to #ElonMusk (I don't think). I believe they'll spin off #IPO's on things like #Starlink.

That said, I ran a poll recently that showed that 60% of the investors that took the poll would rather own #SPACEX than #TESLA.
10/ I ran a second poll that showed 64% of you would sell off some or all of your $TSLA stock to invest in #SPACEX if that was an option.
11/ $ASTR (currently $HOL) seems to be as close to that opportunity as you can get.

#Astra became the 3rd privately funded US company to demonstrate orbital launch capability.  That's huge.

#Astra got to space faster than anyone in history for a private company. That's EPIC!
12/ Timeline - Number of years to reach orbital launch:

#Astra: 3 years
#SpaceX: 7 Years
#RocketLab: 12 years
#Virgin: 13 years

#Astra did it in less than half the time it took SpaceX to do it.
13/ While #SpaceX is designed to deliver a crap-ton of stuff into space in low volume missions, ASTRA is setting up to do smaller daily launches around the world to cater to a much larger audience that doesn't need all the capacity of SpaceX.
14/ And that turns into orders. There's a massive market here not being served well.

And for #ASTRA, that translates into a flood of orders:
15/ Sales Pipeline:

*10+ customers w/ 100+ launches backlogged

*$150M in contracted revenue

*All customers currently in orbital operation (serious customers)

*Strong commercial traction with over $1.2B in pipeline opportunities
16/ #ASTRA was Recently awarded the NASA Venture Class Launch Services (VCLS) contract for the launch of NASA CubeSats.
17/ Markets available for #ASTRA now: Satellites for broadband, weather, earth observation, maritime, IOT/M2M connectivity, governments, etc.

Over 38K satellites to be launched by 2029 (I think this is low... more on that later)

Government investing $40B in space projects.
18/ For some time, ASTRA / $HOL is likely to be the only potential provider of daily, low-cost and global access to Space.

Here's why:

A) If you need to get a satellite into Space now, you need to book months, even years in advance.

B) It's expensive to launch a small ...
19/ ... satellite - SpaceX is designed for large volume or large items.

C) You're limited to a small number of launch dates per year.

D) You're limited to where in the world you must launch from.
20/ #Astra $HOL is small & portable. The launch system fits into 4 standard shipping containers to be shipped worldwide & can be launched with a small team of 5 ASTRA employees in 5 days.

That's disruptive!

You need a concrete pad, some fencing, and you're good to go.
21/ Companies can launch on extremely short notice.

Morgan Stanley forecasts the space economy will grow to over a trillion dollars over the next decade or two.

This trillion-dollar economy is comprised of ...
22/ hundreds of billions of dollars of new services, hundreds of billions of dollars of new satellites being manufactured, & tens of billions of dollars of new government investment in space, including the creation of the new Space Force.
23/ #ASTRA is also building out a new facility in 2024 to introduce their modular space platform, allowing companies to produce mass satellites.

This has me super excited and makes me ultra bullish on a 5-year outlook.
24/ Here are the advantages to this modular space platform to make satellites for clients:

A) $ASTR Astra can drive down cost significantly by mass producing this hardware, achieving scale & efficiency never seen in this industry.

B) Customers can focus on the ...
25/ ...important parts of their satellite (software, cameras, mirrors, sensors, etc.) and not have to worry about building the base components like the shell, power management, solar panels, radios, etc.)

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