Ladies & gents, let's look at Brahmin bashing of late. Why this sudden Brahmin-phobia, particularly by the party that feels it will return to power after 2011? The problem is deeper & it's a shame for these people to simply blame one community for their failures. 1
Whenever the DMK & DK feel threatened, they rake up anti-Brahminism. They first indulged in Malayalee bashing in the 70s because MGR emerged a threat. He did and kept them out for three straight elections. 2
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When the DMK returned to power, it along with DK clearly saw Jayalalithaa a threat. Both began attacking helpless Brahmins to divert attention and began janeu-cutting incidents. People still voted Jayalalithaa. 3
@sgurumurthy @Indumakalktchi @Kishoreciyer1
Now, these force have begun their Brahmin-bashing. Why? Simply because @sgurumurthy tried to bring @rajinikanth into politics. DMK and DK existence was threatened. Let's not go into Rajini's decision but focus on the shameful Dravidians 4
@Indumakalktchi @Kishoreciyer1
But haven't DMK and DK realised the fakeness in their argument? Weren't Brahmins marginalised when the Justice Party reared its head on the anti-Brahmin platform. These party founders weren't any downtrodden guys but non-Brahmins who couldn't excel the Brahmins. 5
They simply raised the bogey of anti-Brahminism and the people fell for it. Isn't it a shame that those who belong to Scheduled Castes and Tribes are still being ill-treated? Who is doing that? Not Brahmins, for sure 6
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The Dravidian parties brought in the reservation of jobs and educational seats. 69% at that! Still, the State hasn't seen all communities benefit. Otherwise, why should @drramadoss agitate for his community not getting the benefits?
@sgurumurthy @Indumakalktchi @Kishoreciyer1
What's the economic progress TN has seen apart from Chennai, Sriperumbudur and Maramalainagar? These guys indulge in Brahmin-bashing. But have the looked at the top industrialists who have contributed to the State's development? 8
@sgurumurthy @Indumakalktchi @Kishoreciyer1
Leading industrialist houses are TVS, Simpsons, India Cements and others too. But the first three mentioned are Brahmin-owned. Isn't it a fact that one of the three or all of them contribute funds to DMK? 9
@sgurumurthy @Indumakalktchi @Kishoreciyer1
The Brahmin these guys attack is an innocent guy, who looks after his own business. He knows the situation is loaded against him, he slogs, fights his way up the society and succeeds overcoming so many odds, hurdles. 10
@sgurumurthy @Indumakalktchi @Kishoreciyer1
Brahmins fight 4 survival from cradle to crematorium. They depend on none but their creator and strength. Still, these shameless guys attack the community. Show one community that has to fight for survival like this. Then peddle your antiism @sgurumurthy @Indumakalktchi
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