I aped big on this gem. $DGVC is a decentralized venture capital. Stakers of $DGVC receive alphadrops of new projects with 5 in the pipeline.
Instead of having token sales, $DGVC airdrops their new project's tokens to their holders, in what's called "alphadrops".
Previous alphadrops: $EYE #R3T $NOS. The #R3T alphadrop, for example, is already worth 5 ETH.
Next alphadrop is $HCORE this Thursday. 78% of the circulating supply is in Uni LP, where LP’s share the alphadrops as well.
It's like participating in incubators without the hassle and extra expense of participating in presales, whitelisting, stupid lottery draws etc. This is completly free for $DGVC holders.
Blockzero $XIO do the same and it hit a $13m market cap ATH, while $DGVC is still fueling the rocket with just a 900k market cap. So $DGVC has potential for at least 10-15x from here, plus all those free juicy airdrops of other tokens you can get.
$DGVC-V2 is also coming very soon as a new version of this token. It will be a Fee on Transfer (FOT) token. It will leverage the propensity for crypto users to trade between #alphadrops to strengthen its LP (people holding DGVC-ETH-UNI-V2 tokens) through a fee revenue.
So, what's my play here? I hold a big bag of $DGVC, getting all the airdrops, sell them after few Xs, while I will enjoy the rise of the $DGVC rocket. In a week or two, I will cover my investment only from #alphadrops revenue, so I won't sell my $DGVC money printer anytime soon.
The $DGVC team is public, so my funds are safu.
Circulating supply is 750,000 but almost 80% is locked in LPs. Total supply is 1,000,000 tokens. You know this means moon, right?
Website: https://www.degen.vc/ 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/degen_vc 
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/pPCuyYa 
Telegram: https://t.me/degenvc 
Contract: 0x26e43759551333e57f073bb0772f50329a957b30
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