I’ll say the quiet part out loud. I’m worried for our future in the west. I belong to a virtual social group who’s members originate from truly diverse backgrounds. We are united in liberal beliefs in an uncompromising way. We defend facts, logic, science and reason. 1/n
We stand up for equality of opportunity and free expression. We reject call out culture and cancellations being urged on by “journalists”. We reject tech censorship and prefer moderation of approach to policy. We want to take care of those who are suffering 2/n
But we will never consider it acceptable to prioritize one ethnic category over another in the cause of social justice. People from different backgrounds who are poor or homeless suffer the same amount of pain. We believe we should help the neediest and not pursue Marxist 3/n
Definitions of morality. The highly illiberal concept of equity used to justify present day discrimination against “white people”. We come from places where ethnic targeting led to social disaster. We know what social, political and economic failure looks like. 4/n
We grew up in true theocracies, socialist and communist countries which pursued the idea of perfect equality to the extreme. It led to hundreds of millions of lives. That is the lesson of our ancestors. They’re deaths have to mean something. It is a warning to the future 5/n
Do not go here. Perfect equality can ever only be achieved by force. We cannot achieve it just through goodness of heart. It requires taking from some, shaming of others. It requires social division along social, economic, political and cultural lines. It’s identity politics. 6/n
We’ve seen how the movie ends. We’re now seeing all the signs of a new fascistic movement. The grovelling apologies of the intelligentsia class like award-winning journalists is a strong indicator of who wields the power of the cultural class. We are becoming a judgemental 7/n
and unforgiving society. It’s coming from the left and the right. It’s illiberal liberals without spines. A group that has become a fashionable morality cult. Our line in the sand is right next to true civil rights leaders like Mandela & Dr. King. 8/n
We’ll pass on the Xendi’s and the Robin De Angelo identity cult. We’ll pass on Trump, AOC and QAnon. We will never discriminate against black, white, brown or any color for any reason. We will not discriminate against men or women. We believe in HUMAN potential. 9/n
The path to the dark side starts with JUSTIFIED PUNISHMENT of some for ancestral crimes. It has NEVER ended well. It’s getting scary for many of us who have lived this before. You could call it lived experience like the cool kids do. Worst of all, much of the 10/n
Cultural drivers of social division are coming from moral bullies on the left. Immigrants like us seem to always be doing the extra load lifting. Whether it’s the agricultural fields, trucking or holding the line on truly liberal values, including free thought and expression. 11/
We would like some support from modest liberals and conservatives to find a moderate middle. You don’t know what happens when you cross it. Many of us do. We grew up personally seeing how many ways you can screw up a society. The west was just coming to 12/
A good place. Not perfect in results, but the best we had to lift more and more people by encouraging independence, not victim worship. There’s still time. Let’s find our spine. Use our speech. Reject call out culture and online mobs or real ones. Demand fair journalism. 13/n
Immigrants like me who come from refugee backgrounds are the canaries in the coal mine. We must hold the line on science, biological realities, free speech, censorship and tech company influence. Justice comes from EQUAL access to OPPORTUNITY, not FORCED EQUALITY. /End
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