1/ No, The DogCoin is NOT going to be the crypto of the future.

#Bitcoin hashrate is over 150 MILLION TH/s. Bitcoin is Exponentially more secure than dogecoin. Doge would not be able to fend off a State-level attack.

2/ Dogecoin Mining Difficulty goes up and down pretty significantly & is far from it's ATH. It is much easier & cheaper to mine Doge than to mine #Bitcoin .

3/ #Bitcoin Difficulty is at new All-Time Highs and has always been increasing in difficulty. Bitcoin is the hardest money & crypto there is.

4/ Doge only has 0.6% of the Total Global nodes that #Bitcoin has. Bitcoin has over 100,000 nodes around the world (see @LukeDashjr research). Doge has about 600. Doge is centralized. We know this from 2015 when the creators changed the supply schedule.

5/ #Dogecoin has NO SUPPLY LIMIT! There is an endless amount of #Doge that can be created. #Bitcoin has a hard-capped Supply-Limit of 21 Million coins. This is set in stone. Bitcoin users are in control. #UASF

#DogecoinToTheMoon actually means the total supply, not price.
6/ Doge only has 1.2% of the Global Liquidity that #Bitcoin has. #BTC Market Cap is $710 Billion. #Doge has a $9B Mcap.

Doge is extremely more susceptible to being manipulated than Bitcoin. Maybe @elonmusk bought Doge, tweet pumped it, & is now selling to acquire more Bitcoin.🤷‍♂️
7/ #Doge does not have all the dedicated Hardware & Software to keep coins safe & secure like #Bitcoin does. New devices, applications, providers, etc. are coming out constantly to keep BTC coins safe & secure. Multi-sig, Air-Gap, PSBT, Taproot, @COLDCARDwallet @CoboVault etc etc
8/ Doge is not designed to be Hard, Sound Money. Do not put your savings into #Doge, you will lose it over the long term. If you have any Doge, just know that your coins are constantly being diluted, and the network is nowhere near as safe & secure as the #Bitcoin network.
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