Podcasting tips form someone who has recorded 1,200 episodes and who hosts 2 of the top 10 tech podcasts:

1. Audio quality is critical. You need the best hardware, software, and post production. get this perfect or don’t bother starting a podcast.
2. Video is not as important as audio, & it takes 20x as much effort to do a quality video podcast as an audio one

Recording, editing, storing, sharing video is expensive & time consuming

A great audio podcast is ~$500
A great video podcast is thousands

Stick to audio.
3. A podcast needs to be about something. It has to have a value proposition/purpose

don’t bear afraid to go niche: that’s is the strength of podcasting!

@tferriss did high-performers, which seems to be niche... but obviously it isn’t when he lands @RealHughJackman!
4. Short podcasts work if that’s the value proposition (The Daily), and long ones work if that’s what the host loves ( @JoeRogan, highly inspired by @HowardStern who was inspired by Charlie Rose)

What’s important is that length is made clear to the audience so they can buy in
5. You’re not going to get the top tier guests day one, unless you already are famous, so focus on getting the people around the most famous folks.... the friends of a friend/associates.

i.e. you get @AndrewYang you force @BernieSanders to show up.
6. if you start in 2021 & don’t have a huge audience already, you are going to have a small audience & little feedback

You might be tempted to quit—don’t

You will get good at it in years 2-3, & if you focus you’ll be great in years 4-7

Just show up every week & don’t stop
7. Try to be 2% better every episodes. If you do that you will be 2x better every 36 episode because compounding improvement is the magic in all efforts in life: money, relationships, health, intelligence, skills, money, power, fame, health, relationships—everything.
8. Be prepared but don’t be a slave to your list of questions. If you want to be a great interviewer listen to every answer and form your next question based on the subjects previous answer.

This creates synchronicity with your guests—-you get into a flow state. That’s magic,
9. Don’t try and make money, try and have fun and great conversations or the first 100-200 episodes.

The money will come if have great conversations and you show up every week for a couple of years.
10. Questions?
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