Canada’s leftist/liberal political parties/media are engaged in a propaganda war of lies against India & PM Modi. US Democrats, UK Labour & their left/liberal media are engaged in same propaganda war. They support religious bigots attacking India, driving chaos, violence & death.
They do it because India’s a Dharmic nation, majority population Hindu. Islam/Christianity stand against & demonize Hinduism. People in western nations think religion doesn’t influence politics/media. They’re wrong. Islam made its political home on the left in all western nations
Left liberal Christians in western nations have joined with Islam against what they both wrongfully see as the “evil” of Hinduism. They are influencing left liberal political parties & media to support their centuries old religious war against Hinduism & India.
In 47, the Christian west broke India for Islam to create Pakistan. India suffered more monotheistic religious terrorism the 70’s (Bangladesh) & 80’s when Sikhs tried to break India to create the nation of Khalistan. The Christian west supported all of it, millions of Hindus died
Western Christian nations, the US, Canada, UK & others provided political asylum to these religious Sikh terrorists known as Khalistanis.
Today, pro Khalistan Sikhs living in these western nations, working with pro Khalistan Sikhs in India are orchestrating protests & riots against the government of India under the false flag of a farmers protest. Left/liberal political parties from western nations are backing them
Backing Khalistanis in India are political opposition parties who ally with left/liberal political parties in the west, Christians, Muslims & communists. All the same forces who have been targeting India’s Hindu majority & trying to break India for decades in the modern era.
Western nations & Islamic Nations are engaged in a propaganda war against India, using the religious bigotry of Islam & Christianity, the separatist ideology of Khalistan & communists to destabilize India from inside to bring Regime Change against the will of the Indian people.
But, regardless of the dark ages, medieval & sick mentality Islam & Christianity promote in our modern world with their demonization of Hinduism & their continuing assault against India’s majority Hindu population, if Canada asks, India will most likely provide the needed vaccine
Unlike supremacist monotheistic religions like Islam & Christianity who divide our world into “others” seeking to convert the world to their religion and destroy all polytheistic/pagan religions & cultures thereby driving endless global chaos, violence, war & death. . .
Hinduism, correctly known as Sanatan Dharma is pluralistic, accepting of others beliefs & understanding in truth, we are all the same. One following Sanatan Dharma/Hindu Dharma sees through differences in race, ethnicity/culture & religion to the truth, we are one human family.
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