..& a really clear demonstration of #aerosols from @jljcolorado on @weatherchannel #CovidIsAirborne
.. & a 5 minute deep dive into the science of #airborne virus from @linseymarr

Airborne Transmission of COVID-19: How it works and how to protect ourselves - YouTube
.. these environmental sciences mean we can manipulate all buildings to be low risk, using physics, chemistry, architecture & engineering

“people shut down everything because they don’t know... but we do know.. & we can reopen carefully” @kprather88
.. & also means that high-risk environments can be targeted to suppress a pandemic

“focusing on R (reproduction number) alone, or using a flu-pandemic playbook, won’t necessarily work well for an overdispersed pandemic”
* #Covid19 is highly over-dispersed https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2020/09/k-overlooked-variable-driving-pandemic/616548/
... & super-spread events (where 5 or more are infected) give us all of the clues to identify & eliminate high-risk environments

Here’s 50 reported #Covid19 super-spread cases https://twitter.com/orla_hegarty/status/1352913377094475776
Can ventilation work?
*Taiwan university that improved ventilation for a TB outbreak stopped outbreak, cutting cases 97%
*Boston hospital that took precautions for airborne #Covid19 had no cases of hospital infection
*Japan, Vietnam, S Korea & Taiwan take ventilation precautions
& humidity (amount of moisture in air) is very important indoors in winter

Low indoor humidity is higher risk of transmission & infection (40-60% relative humidity is best) https://twitter.com/Orla_Hegarty/status/1322465921403965440
More #Covid19 #airborne information in this FAQ from world leading scientists

So, open windows, keep distance & wear a well-fitting mask (video: @tudelft ) #CovidIsAirborne
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