@GretaThunberg been Manufactured by Select Few but you claim to be reactionary result of so-called “CLIMATE CHANGE”.
You have outgrown your Role, turning into a Megalomaniac.

You should not have DARED to wreak your vile venom on my INDIA.
You are 18 years old now, old enough to drive, vote & interfere in Foreign POLITICAL SYSTEMS, so you will get responded! Get used to it. Deal with it @GretaThunberg

So How were you SYNTHESIZED, let’s see:

You want us to believe that your Noble Laureate Grandfather ‘Svante Arrhenius’ who won the award for calculating how earth’s temperature rise with increase in CO2 – had no influence in your ‘movement’.
Wasn’t he also board member for the Swedish Society for Racial Hygiene – involved in racial purification & yet you profess Pluralism & all those Veils you garner around yourself.

Nazi Fascism Eh!
You do have some theatrics genes inherited from your grandfather Olof Thunberg, the A-list of Swedish theater.
Theater Actor father Savante Thunberg, trained you well for your viral ‘How Dare you Speech’. Your Opera Singer mother Malena Ernman did plant the Asperger’s sob story!
When you lead the world into CRISIS mode, do you remember the line “We Don’t Have Time”.
Yes as it is also name of the org that your mentor Ingmar Rentzhog founded also the one who DISCOVERED your single child protest after getting a TIP & made you famous via his PR Blitzkrieg.
After his protegee became famous, the company lured investors by mentioning in its prospectus how multi-folds profit would be made by creating viral environmental content to pull in money via digital ads from green-aligned firms.

May 2018 – Ingmar Rentzhog is featured at climate event with your mother

Jun 2018 – Re-Greta's social accounts created

Jul 2018 – Callum Grieve-founder of WeMeanBusiness, CounterCulture, TheClimateGroup promotes ZeroHourStrike
Aug 2018 – You sit at a sidewalk & get ‘discovered’ by these people

Sep 2018 – Within 12 days, The Guardian features you and you participate in seminar organised by AlGore’s Climate Reality Project

Oct 2018 - Launch of XR Global (the one quoted in anarchy toolkit)
Jan 2019 – Since now you are an esteemed ‘climate expert’ Christiana Figueres invite you to Davos for lecture at WEF & You Also are featured as TIMES PERSON OF 2019

Jan19 to Aug19 – Emergence of Green Fascism that you are doing to World. For Eg: The Green New Deal of USA
Sep 2019 - Did you also not fail to mention that your famous yacht ride was hitchhiked to you by none other than Prince of Monaco / Grandson of Grace Kelly – Pierre Casiraghi. Or was it just the Noble’s kind-heartedness?
2020 - You are a product of idea to reset world economic order being played in hands of the organizations representing the most powerful & ruthless corporations salivating to unleash 100 trillion dollars to fuel the fourth industrial revolution pushed by the World Economic Forum.
A Great Journalist wrote “An elaborate distraction that has nothing to do with protecting the natural world & everything to do with the Manufacturing of Consent. The required consent of the citizenry that will unlock the treasuries & public under the guise of climate protection”
The tactic is to Lead the masses into EMERGENCY MODE. In doing so the MASSES will render themselves to the whims & fancies of Greta & her likes, above all her “Handlers & Directors”.
Keep your wretched beliefs & practices to yourself. If you persist Indians will reject you & expose you every single time. Our key of Unity lies in Diversity, something you can not comprehend.
You are a FRAUD & I exposed you!

No matter how rattled Soros is, "This Is New India"
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