1/ @quant_network provides scalable interoperability for any blockchain. In early 2021 $QNT will be connecting to the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure EBSI, delivering cross-border public services across Europe as well as LACChain. The scale of these platforms is🤯🧵👇
2/ The EBSI consists of 29 countries with a network of distributed nodes across Europe to deliver cross-border public services and enhance the way citizens, governments and businesses interact, using blockchain technology with the highest standards of security and privacy
3/ Applications built through the European Commission’s International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications INATBA will utilise EBSI.

Quant are a founding member of INATBA https://www.quant.network/pr-announcements/quant-network-is-a-founding-member-of-inatba
4/ LACChain is a Global Alliance led by the Innovation Lab of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB Lab) to develop the blockchain ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Recently INATBA and LACChain partnered to work together
5/ The European Commission recently put out a tender for increasing the functionality EBSI offered to enhance scalability, interoperability, sustainability, security, object identification and data processing, which you can read at the following link

6/ It's a lengthy document so I won't cover all but touch on a few of them.


"High-level numbers for the circular economy digital product passport use case relate to an EU population of 446 million citizens and approximately 30 million of active enterprises"
7/ "As an example, it is estimated that IoT-enabled customs item tracking would result in 25 million new product registrations per minute, 15 billion total transactions per minute (both read & write) and 120 trillion updates over the course of one year"

8/ Quant's Overledger isn't a blockchain like other interop solutions, so doesn't introduce a bottleneck in the middle or added overhead of another consensus. It uses Kubernetes technology that can scale to meet those demands and is tech used to power Google's search engine and..
9/ Amazon offering internet scale whilst being incredibly resilient, able to scale up/down billions of microcontainers to meet demand. Overledger Network expands this further by connecting many instances together as well as a P2P network of gateways connecting any blockchain/ API
10/ Interoperability

"Interoperability is a key mission of EBSI as Member States and European Institutions have existing systems and potentially internal or sector blockchain networks they need to integrate.

EBSI should also be able to interoperate gradually with other ...
11/ infrastructures that could be private ones and/or other public ones from other parts of the world.

The proposed solution must be accessible via clear open standards interfaces, preferably developed through International Standard Organisations"
12/ Quant's solution can connect to any blockchain or API whilst seamlessly integrating into existing networks. No need to replace large parts of the network (especially when it's performing mission critical tasks)
13/ @gverdian CEO of Quant recognised the importance of global standards early on and founded ISO TC 307 which 60 countries are now working towards. Quant's solution has been based on ISO standards and playing a leading role in for global blockchain standards.
14/ All of these different regions and national blockchains are all going to need to interoperate with each other. The volumes of traffic not just in Finance / Trade but Identity, Supply Chains / Customs will be enormous.
15/ $QNT have already integrated into Europe's leading payment provider,SIA. They are working with Central Banks and Governments and now connecting entire regions together using blockchain to facilitate scalable interop that's secure, future proof and accessible from a single API
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