Vedic deities are commonly seen in Buddhism(mostly Mahayan & Vajrayana) as a sub-deities. 
We already seen how Vishnu is placed in Buddhism,Today we look assimilation of Shiva in Buddhism
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Shiva:Emanation of Avlokiteshwara

In Avalokitesvara-guna-karanda-vyuha Sutra (Karanda-vyuha Sutra),Buddha stated that shiva (Maheshwara) originated from forehead of Avlokiteshwara.
Avlokiteshwara after creating Maheshwara said that in Kaliyuga people will become ignorant and will worship you(Maheshwara) thinking that you are supreme ( probably an attempt to criticize Shaivism & engulf Shaivism into Buddhist fold)
Buddha emphasize motive behind incarnation that Avlokiteshwara takes diff.diff. forms to speak Dharma to diff. diff peoples in following way -

"'For those who should be ferried through the body of Mahesvara, he appears in a Mahesvara body and speaks Dharmas for them.'"
In same Sutra after assimilation of Shiva &Vishnu,the Practices by shaivas,vaishnavas,&other practices of worshipping gods including Jain Teerthankars are declared as less important&Not way for liberation,And infact its stated that themselves (shiva&other) are seeking liberation.
In famous Lotus Sutra, chapter 25; Maheshwara- is one of form taken by Bodhisattvas Avlokiteshwara to preach Dharma for different sentient beings; This is replied given by buddha to Bodhisattva Akṣayamati when asked
Shiva: Future Buddha 

In Karandavyuha Sutra, Shiva bows down to Avlokiteshwara and request for buddhahood prediction& praises Avlokiteshwara

Then Avlokiteshwara predicts that Maheshwara- will be future buddha "bhasmeshwar" in vivrita world  .
Mahakala :Prototype of Shiva

In Mahayan & Vajrayana tantric literatures there are several descriptions of the ferocious Hindu god, Mahākāla. Common function of Mahākāla is as a protection deity ( dharmapala)
He is also meditational deity in tantras.He exhibits diff. Forms one face with two, four or six arms, or eight faces with sixteen arms.  He is one of the many terrifying deities of Buddhism, with a garment of snakes, dog teeth, jewelery belly and tiger skin。
NILAKANTHA:Form of Avlokiteshwara

Conception of this form of Avlokiteshwara is described in Sadhanamala has been modelled on the Hindu deity Siva. The reason why the name Nilakantha (Blue-throat) has been given to Šiva. (particular form of Lokesvara)
~Along this Rudra& Maheshwara appears in various Maṇḍala,in which Rudra along with shakti is placed at various places described in Niṣpannayogāvalī .

~Shiva is sometimes found under the feet of such deities as Hevajra and Kalachakra.
~In Mañjuśrīmulakalpa, Boddhisatva Mañjuśrī takes form as Shiva & impart knowledge of shaiva tantra to shaivas
(Attempt to engulf hindu tantra)

~In Ārya-mañjuśrīnāmāṣṭottaraśataka-stotram,10   

Mañjuśrī is called as Vishnu and Shiva 

"You are Vishnu . You're Shiva"
For knowing status of Bhagwan Vishnu in Buddhism read my blog & comment
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