The last 2 days uproar on SM set me thinking..the fact that our young climate activist @GretaThunberg jumped into the fray of commenting on our country Bharat's internal affairs. All the commenting is fine except that I have a few doubts and want to ask her a few questions..
How and why did Greta get interested in 'climate changes/challenges'?
For every cause there is always a trigger...
What was the trigger for Greta??
Who told her about the 'carbon imprint' and its effects? Did she learn in school in so much detail??
Then I must say schools in
Sweden are really very greatly advanced that they teach so much in detail to 14/15 year olds!
Who propped her up to speak in the UN CAS? I mean she must be really knowledgeable and a prodigy to have spoken so much sense that someone thought she should be made to stand in the
UN to speak!
How many of you have listened to her speech at the UN Climate Action Summit?
Just asking...
I mean apart from saying there is a problem and showing her anger..did she really say anything specific?
So when she was capacitated to know there is a problem..did she think
about any solutions??
Instead of deriding world leaders and demanding action shouldnt she be working her brains to offer simple solutions to her generation of youngsters? After all what is SM for?? Where is the child prodigy in her?? Is it really right to only demand solutions?
When she has been so fortunate to get such a big opportunity to speak shouldnt she be taking it up to constructive activity?
So since she has not it means she was propped up for some obvious reasons? Does Greta know about the extreme harm due to the stubble burning by the
'farmers' of Punjab/Haryana?? Do you have any solution to that Greta?? Since u r young and must still be studying hv u been raking your brains to get innovative about climate solutions??
After all you shouldnt only feel entitled to solutions!
Shouldnt you be part of the
SOLUTION as well??
Nobody demands anything and gets away with it..
In this world everything has to be earned..havent your parents taught you that?? In India children are taught to work hard for all the goodies that they may seek!! For that matter in Bharat there is sufficient
level of awareness and we as a country dont contribute to carbon footprint the way your country America does!!
There is sufficient statistics in the public domain for you to seek about our status!
So my dear Greta please do use your brains independently, make an assessment
be just in your counters and outrage!! Pls dont make a laughing stock of yourself! Bharat is a great civilisation and we certainly dont need an 18 year old to advice on any of our INTERNAL MATTERS!!
Take care Greta..dont fool yourself! We Bharatiyas dont get fooled..
'Liberal' as the word suggests can never be principled..and it takes great amount of discipline to adhere to rules n regulations to support climate change! So all the best Greta! And once again dont meddle with our affairs! Thank you so much!
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