I want to remind everyone of a letter I once received

"I know that you are half Vulcan and half human and you have suffered because of this. My mother is Negro and my father is white and I am told this makes me a half-breed. In some ways I am persecuted even more than the Negro
The Negroes don't like me because I don't look like them. The white kids don't like me because I don't exactly look like one of them either."

To which the reply was, in the 1960’s

"Spock learned he could save himself from letting prejudice get him down. He could do this by
really understanding himself and knowing his own value as a person. He found he was equal to anyone who might try to put him down — equal in his own unique way.
"You can do this too, if you realize the difference between popularity and true greatness."
My mother was human and my father was Vulcan. None of the Vulcan children wanted to play with me. It wasn’t logical. People like to get together like wolves, in packs and demand you to be like them or you won’t be accepted. It can be lonely and no one accepts or understands you.
I want popular. What I realised that it was my need to be popular that was leading to unhappiness (I was a child and hasn’t worked on my emotions). So I had to ask what was more important, being popular with the “pack” who might turn turn against me at any moment, or to be true
to myself. It takes a whole lot of courage to turn your back on popularity and go out on your own. Inside you know you are not like the others yet it’s still frightening. There’s that little voice that you’ll be on your own. Now there is a little voice inside each one
of us that tells us when we are not being true to ourselves. We should listen to this voice. Often we try to tell ourselves into believing our actions are good, that it’s ok to pick on that person. Because it might make us popular with that pack for a while. But there is never
a good reason to be a bully. People only bully based on difference, not because they are worth less. Spock learnt he was equal to anyone, equal in his own unique way. You can do this too when you realise the difference between popularity and true greatness. It has been said
that “popularity” is merely the crumbs of greatness.
What we had on the Enterprise was greatness. In a time of hate, we had Uhura and Sulu that gave hope to many young children. It was a great and diverse crew. Infinite diversity in infinite combinations, a true representation of society.
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