While I am an unabashed bull, going for the jugular on what I think is a career trade in the making, this is the internet so I have to put my Old Man hat on here for a second and add a little clarity and context.
If your plays have been working the past couple weeks, you're probably finding yourself in a bit of a mania. Faster heart rate, sweaty/tingling palms, sht, you feel it in your GROIN. Seriously.

You're talking faster, thinking faster, pacing. Starting to think "I'm gonna make it"
I hope you do. And I think you are. But now is the time to lean AGAINST those feelings and emotions. It's the time to meditate, to remove yourself from your body metacognitively. Examine yourself and your behavior. Are you truly holding things you believe in?
Have you done the research. Do you have the community around you to support you both in pushing you forward AND holding you back.

Are your bills paid, do you have 3-6months cash in the bank.

Do you have any bills/expenses that "if this keeps going, I will be fine" ?
Bull markets do NOT move in a straight line. If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it. Okay so everyone IS doing it, and does it, but not everyone can handle it. less than 1% can really. I want that to be you.
Take a look at this chart. First things first, March looks like a literal blip already. But there's another one most of you have already forgotten about... the Thanksgiving Slaughter.
Use this moment to reflect back on those. How did you feel? How did you act and react? What kind of emotions ran through your head?

I think of this like "studying tape". You know why? Tom Brady does. Champions study tape Every. Single. Day.
So prepare yourself. If you're huffing that hopium and you couldn't realistically handle a 20% drawdown, you need to trim. These are moments when we get 40-60% drawdowns, because that would still be up 100% in a month!
Anyways, this is all to say I don't think this bull market is over, but my opinion shouldn't fking matter to you. You need to be able to read it and use it as one input of your own decisions.

Peacetime is for training and preparation for war.

War always comes.

Stay safu❤️
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