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This is a thread on #HART spokespeople and key members.

It has a main post per spokesperson/member for the hivemind to contribute useful biographical insights about each one.

Feel free to add to any post 👍

Let's begin...

/1 https://twitter.com/hartgroup_org/status/1353735763398189056
First up:

Dr John Lee
Retired Professor of Pathology

@FullFact : "in January 2021, Lee claimed that the number of deaths was below average for the time of year... this was incorrect and in the final 4 weeks of 2020 the number of deaths was higher than last 5 years"

Prof Ellen Townsend
Professor of Psychology, University of Nottingham

#GreatBarringtonDeclaration co-signer.

Curious that both Prof Townsend and Dr Lee don't have Twitter accounts despite being spokespeople... (Townsend did but it's been mothballed: @selfharmnotts)

Alfie Carlisle - @ASCarlisle
HART Young People’s Spokesperson
Law Student and SU Trustee

Interesting tweet from Alfie to the closely connected @pcrclaims. I wonder what he wanted "free/cheap"... legal advice...?
Graham Hutchinson
@GRHutchinson (oof, he's blocked me. oops.)
Former Senior Chief Biomedical Scientist at Central Public Health Laboratory, Colindale

Currently: estate agent, @EVAmericas Nova Scotia, Canada
Previously: gardener at @kewgardens


Prof Norman Fenton
Professor of Risk at Queen Mary University of London

Prof Fenton thinks we have been "overcounting the number of deaths caused by Covid-19."

Hmm, correlation 0.98

Dr Paul Cuddon
Healthcare and Life Sciences Research Analyst, London

In other words:
Director, Healthcare Equity Research @NumisSecurities

Dr Tanya Klymenko
Senior lecturer in Biomedical sciences, Sheffield Hallam University

Dr Klymenko likes the misleading HART logo.
I wonder if she'll retweet this...

Dr Penelope Siebert
Lecturer in Public Health, Nottingham Trent University

Dr Jonathan Engler
@jengleruk (another blocker...)
Healthcare entrepreneur. Qualified in Medicine and Law

PCR FPR "expert", and buddy of @ClareCraigPath

"It's Ok Clare, you deleted your tweets"

Dr Keith Johnson
IP Consultant, Former Patent Examiner

"with nearly thirty years experience in the field of diagnostic testing, including PCR, DNA chips and immunoassay."

Tell us more Keith!

Dr Malcolm Loudon
Expert in Global Health and Disease Control

Dr Malcolm Kendrick
General Practitioner, NHS

Hmm... 'nuff said.

Dr Ros Jones
Retired Consultant Paediatrician

"Every death is tragic, but most of them are people who are going to be near the end of their life,"

and #UsforThem campaigner.

Joel Smalley
@RealJoelSmalley (a keen blocker...)
MBA, Quantitative Analyst

Joel is a master of the misleading chart, e.g. showing things going down when they are going up...

And I think @JamesMo10817760 can also fill us in about Joel.

Dr Charlotte Bell
Immunologist and Veterinary Surgeon

#UsForThem open letter author

Dr Edmund Fordham
Fellow of the Institute of Physics

And Brexit Party candidate

Now to #HART Members – Economics, Politics & Law

Prof Marilyn James
Professor of Health Economics, Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit, School of Medicine, University of Nottingham

Prof David Paton
Industrial Economics, Nottingham University Business School

Oh, Prof Paton in "Lockdowns work" shocker:

Dr Lee Jones
Reader in International Politics, Queen Mary University of London

Hmm... in predictions that didn't happen:

Sam Williams
Director and Co-founder of Economic Insight

As per: https://twitter.com/jdportes/status/1307982096032583680

Lastly, Members – Mental Health and Social Care

Dr Gary Sidley
Retired Clinical Psychologist

Dolan is a fan:

Dr Damian Wilde
Clinical Psychologist

And vaccine... shall we say "sceptic"... https://twitter.com/search?q=from%3ADrDJWilde%20vaccine&src=typed_query

Dr Livia Pontes
Clinical Psychologist

Dr Zenobia Storah
Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychologist

Dr Harrie Bunker-Smith
Clinical Psychologist

Always awkward when your new BFF deletes her tweets...

Dr Elizabeth Corcoran
Psychiatrist and functional medicine doctor
Chair of @DSRF_UK

Dr Karen Neil
Specialist Pharmacist and Mindfulness Teacher

/editor's note: no relation...

Dr Matthew Owens
Lecturer in Developmental Psychology

Prof Penny Dick
Professor of Organizational Psychology

Prof David Seedhouse
Professor of Deliberative Practice at Aston University

And that's a wrap (so far, anyway).

Notably missing from the "top team" as originally promised by @grhutchinson are #YeadonWrongAgain and #PathologicalClare

Sorry about that @MichaelYeadon3 @ClareCraigPath ...

/34 and end.
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