Farmers protests and the happenings around it, a lot has been said and written about it, after reading all that national and international media is telling us about it, is there something more than it meets to the eye. Here is my take, it's a long thread so please bear with me.
This has been happening in India for a while. Every domestic matter, big or small, taken to an international stage, trying to give India the appearance of a nation in crisis. Does anyone remember NEET-JEE and how activists all the way from Sweden tried to get involved?
Farmer protests have a similar footprint. movement has struggled to find recruits even in Rajasthan, UP & MP, let alone Bihar, Bengal, Karnataka, Maharashtra or Tamil Nadu. Yet, it has managed to enlist support of 36 British MPs and even the PM of Canada.
Who is leading these protests and who benefits from this. The banner most commonly seen in these protests is that of the hammer and sickle. Half of India's population depends on agriculture. If they wanted a political outlet, would they really turn to the Communists?
Did the Communists not lose their mass base in India a long time ago?They could not possibly represent farmers from across India. But the crowd is big enough to fill up space in newspapers across the world. And that is what really seems to be the objective.
So who benefits from this? One of the few advantages that India enjoys over China is that we are a democracy. Because of this, people around the world trust our intentions more than Chinese govt. China wants the world to believe that India has no space for dissent,
that we are as much of a dictatorship as they are.
If world thinks that there is little to choose between India & China, we lose this advantage completely.
The filial links between Indian Communists & the Chinese govt cant be ignored, all the paranoid anger during these protests
seems to be directed at private enterprise. But, more specifically, big Indian businesses. There is no call for protest or boycott of Chinese businesses. In fact, much of the same lobby mocked the ban on Chinese apps and the push for Atmanirbhar Bharat.
But this sudden concert of global celebrity voices against almost every decision of India’s democratic govt begs the ques:
Are there invisible conductors wielding the baton?
Who gains from destabilising India?
Is there a concerted global effort to destabilise India from outside
Here is a brief intro of George Soros, whenever there is some anti India agenda these days, we hear this name. George Soros, Hungarian-born American financier, author, philanthropist, & activist whose success as an investor made him one of the wealthiest men in the world.
He was also known as a powerful and influential supporter of liberal social causes. The man born with a platinum spoon who routinely peddled his agenda in the USA Presidential elections & yet went Scot-free. He funds Centre-left parties in almost all European liberal democracies
and has funded the campaigns of Democratic Party candidates- Obama, Hillary Clinton, and now the slow-old Joe.

Acc. to reports, Soros donated $500,000 in last year May into Biden’s campaign when the Presidential elections were still months away & pandemic was raging.
We may never know the final amount that Soros deposited in USA’s President Biden’s bank acc. but its for certain that Biden had the crutches of Soros on his side to bring Democrats back in power. Soros has funded the causes of Globalisation through agency Open Society Foundations
(OSF), which has an endowment of more than 19 billion dollars. And in the last 3 decades, he has made every effort to accelerate globalisation & weaken the Nationalist values around the world.

It was just to give perspective that who is George Soros.
Soros- 'Most frightening rise of nationalism in India'
Coming back to the Int'l celebrity tweets abt farmers agitations, Overseas NGO Human Rights Watch followed, quote-tweeting Rihanna. Now, HRW has been accused variously of anti-Israel bias, poor research & accepting funds from Saudi Arabia to look away from its human rights record
But more pertinently, it had received a record donation of $100 million from Hungarian tycoon-cum-global political meddler Soros in 2010. The same Soros in 2020 pledged a $1 billion fund to fight “would-be dictators”, which includes PM Modi,
a man who has been overwhelmingly voted to power by the people of India for the second time in the most transparent of elections.Its is not the first time that some global celebrity has jumped into an Indian issue without any context, explanation, or seemingly, homework.
Toolkit Expose

Teenager thunberg can't seem to stop diving into these issues headlong. Greta has exposed the global conspiracy that she is a part of. If you read the contents of the Google doc that she shared, it’s clear that there’s a orchestrated, scripted & well-funded plan
To target India, Indian cos & Indian democracy. The 6-page doc shared by Greta seems to have been in circulation since early Jan as it includes plans to intensify protests on Jan 26, on the occasion of Republic Day, when violence broke out on the streets of the national capital.
The doc seeks 'on-ground action' by exhorting people across the globe to protest outside the closest Indian embassy in their region & share pictures of same. Doc titled-Ask India Why- consists of detailed instructions to target Indian govt & a few Indian corporate enterprises,
in garb of the farmers' protest.

Further, pointing to possible vested corporate agenda the doc specifically spoke of building international momentum to 'Divest from Ambani and Adani'.

Interestingly, the now deleted toolkit interlinked to another Google document
titled 'Cheat Sheet': that claimed to be an explainer on Farm Laws but instead spread a canards abot Indian democracy & the Indian PM. It said- 'Modi, and members of his party are long time members of the RSS, a powerful group rooted in fascist ideology, known to be anti-Muslim,
known to be anti-Muslim, anti-Christian and pivotal in the rise of Hindu nationalism in India.'
The doc titled 'Global Farmers Strike - First Wave' says, "On 26th Jan, a major day of globally coordinated actions, show your support at local physical locations, wherever you are.
The answers aren’t easy & one has to read between the lines to reach an unbiased conclusion. It isn’t easy also in a highly charged atmosphere where the opposition after being rejected continuously by the voters has been looking an opportunity to embarrass the Modi govt
and put it in a tight spot. Unfortunately, it seems that national interest has taken a back seat in this context when it comes to the way Opposition has dealt with this issue.

Why Modi and his govt is being targeted and who is inflicting this war of narratives on them?
The provocative speeches given in the name of farm agitation at present & provocative content being circulated on SM. It is part of a continuous disinformation campaign
that had started immediately after the BJP-led coalition came to power. & Modi became the PM in May 2014.
It needs to be reiterated that ever since the nationalists came to power in 2014 in India & came back with even greater majority in 2019,

they have been constantly targeted through a battle of narratives. So, the battle lines are now clearly drawn.
The nationalists are represented by the BJP & PM Modi, & other parties in its coalition govt. Those who are opposing them may bear the facade of a political party

Or a labour or farmer organisation, But they primarily draw their strength from a nexus of radical elements—
Maoists, Ultra Left,Islamic fundamentalists & Christian Missionaries indulging in religious conversions of Hindus, mostly using unfair means. All the elements that make this nexus are aided well by several foreign orgs who want to check India’s growth & emergence on global stage
Since 2014 we have seen carefully crafted violent agitations by this nexus on wide variety of issues ranging from Bhima-Koregaon violence to anti-CAA protests culminating in Delhi riots. One sees similar faces driving this confrontationist narrative with an objective of spreading
Since 2014 we have seen carefully crafted violent agitations by this nexus on wide variety of issues ranging from Bhima-Koregaon violence to anti-CAA protests culminating in Delhi riots. One sees similar faces driving this confrontationist narrative with an objective of spreading
-Chaos and Anarchy.
As far as the western media & some celebrities peddling wrong information about India on farm laws is concerned, The Indian narrative has been run for far too long from elsewhere. It needs to change & can't be determined in Europe, US or anywhere else.
India and Indians must tell their own story. Western narratives will continue to remain, especially the ones that portray the West’s supposed invincibility and superiority. They are often tactical and changeable as well. The day we get our act together, they will come to us."
The govt has gone so far as to compromise on the law making power of Parliament itself. The core principles of our Constitution have been bent so that the farmer leaders feel they are being heard.Who else is gaining? Forces that are opposed to India, such as separatists
And left-wing extremists. They have been exceptionally active, trying to dig up old wounds and give a religious twist to these protests. Many of the protesters are in a highly charged emotional state.The subversive forces see this as fertile ground. They make a number of threats,
some veiled & others not so much, They openly fetishize about provoking the state to commit an act of violence against the protesters. They would like to pounce on that and tell the whole world
that India is an authoritarian state. They couldn't care less about innocent lives.
Finally, India is paying a price. The economy is only just recovering from the shock of Covid-19. The last thing we need is further disruption in supply chains.
More importantly, investors around the world are wondering right now what future holds for economic reform in India.
If even small moves in the right direction run into this much resistance, will the government risk further reforms?

Well, answer to this is Yes. We just need to stand strong with PM and believe in his leadership the way we have done so far, or even more if need be.
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