10 Concepts from Build Once, Sell Twice: (thread)
1/ Build once, sell twice.

Move from selling your time to storing your effort in digital assets that you can sell twice.
2/ Focus

The more frequently you interrupt the compound curve, the longer time-freedom will elude you.
3/ Iterate

Get going, then get good.
4/ Productize

Move from selling time to building systems that generate results repeatedly.
5/ Solve problems

Identify a need and develop a treatment.
6/ Get your reps in

Building anything valuable and defensible takes time, effort and energy.
7/ Use tools for leverage

Build an ecosystem for attracting and retaining customers.
8/ Practice content leverage

Use media to stop doing things twice that can be done once.
9/ Build value ladders

Expand into every segment of your market.
10/ Keep going

What feels futile early is foundational later.
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