Unfortunately while pretending to be smart @AlexandriaV2005 you prove that you know so little. Let me tell you what are the three laws. I want you to RT each of these tweets in this thread and let people decide. https://twitter.com/AlexandriaV2005/status/1357138419848159235
There are 3 #FarmBills2020 being debated now. These reforms were demanded by Indian farmers for last 70 years where they remained poor because- A. They did not have access to Market. B. They could not store (during poorer period it amounted to hoarding)
So the Essential Commodities Act will not allow storage, which saw perishable, perish. It was a law based on British law which was meant for then Govt to acquire crop in the name of Emergency and siphon it to Britain. The first farm law relaxes this rule. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/mar/29/winston-churchill-policies-contributed-to-1943-bengal-famine-study
Second law is Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Act. Before this law when foreign Multinationals came in under protection of earlier Congress Government, (under Contract Farming allowed in Opposition ruled states of Punjab and Maharashtra), there was no dispute redressal
Contract farming started in India in 1989 (not the Modi Government) with Pepsico coming not #Adani #Ambani who are not into the contract farming space. The only thing this law does is protects the rights of farmers in contract farming.
The farmers of India before #FarmLaws brought in by @narendramodi government had little legal protection under Contract farming norms. Now he is able to protect himself from #Corporates. That is what Foreign MNC do not like.
The third law is about the farmer having access to wider market to sell their produce. In earlier regime, it was illegal for poor #Farmers to sell their produce in the open market. The #Farmer was supposed to sell through Mandis or middleman which were ruled by Politicians.
Another question @AlexandriaV2005 is about the Minimum Support price for the food grain. This system was brought in during pre-green revolution era to incentivize farmers to produce rice and wheat. The system was never binding. @narendramodi has still agreed to commit to it
Now that I have explained why only #Farmers of one region and religion are protesting out of 16 Mn we have in India (No, we do not have 250 Mn farmers, irrespective of Greta's riot toolkit), let me come to climate. India holds food grains many time over capacity requirement
The FCI is GoI agency which procures agricultural produce at above guaranteed price irrespective of market price. This oversupply costs GoI around 100,000 Crores, this money, if saved can be used for social causes. Also 96% of MSP procurement is from only one state
This cornering of resources by one state results in poverty among farmers of other states. That said the procurement at guaranteed price has more than doubled under the @narendramodi government. The MSP regime pushes farmers to produce crops not suitable for their land.
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