maybe u don’t have adhd ur just incapable of performing the mundane tasks of late capitalism without the help of drugs?
nothing wrong with that! We aren’t built to stare at screens 16 hrs a day.
I wish ppl could be okay with the drugs they need to take to survive without somehow tricking themselves into thinking it has something to do with their brains and not like .... *gestures at everything*
Like...ur on speed! that’s what it is! speed helps you do more work and concentrate. and that’s ok!!!!!!!
capitalism being the cause of ur disorder doesn’t diminish the importance of the drugs to you or the meaning of your disorder
Also assuming your disorder is somehow different than people who need, say, heroin or cocaine to cope with life, is really dumb! It harms people to separate meds from drugs. Just cuz ur able to get the medical establishment to agree with u doesn’t mean ur drugs are any different
(This isn’t an anti adhd med thread it’s a “please contextualize your adhd in a smarter way” thread”)
good point here!
more good points here. adhd ≠ meds. i have also been on adhd meds and they basically ruined my life
also i say this all as someone who has been diagnosed with ADHD, struggles with ADHD symptoms, have at points in my life been on ADHD meds for years, etc etc. but i feel like i shouldnt have to say all that to feel like my point is legitimate. ANYWAY, this thread is muted.
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