The Warren Buffet of the Internet: @awilkinson

You don't need to build a unicorn to be successful.

He's built an empire of 25+ profitable businesses.

5 of his FRAMEWORKS 🧵👇
FRAMEWORK 1: CEOs Should Do Nothing

Stop performing company duties.

Real CEO jobs...
• set strategy
• set culture
• delegate
• incentivize

"Build a system and make yourself a human router."

Stress comes from failure to build the right system.
FRAMEWORK 2: Stop Hiring Execs for Potential

Don't overcomplicate hiring.

(1) Hire someone who has done the exact task you need completed

(2) Make sure they fit with the team

Rinse and repeat.
FRAMEWORK 3: Build it, They Don't Come

We overrate product and underrate marketing.

"In reality, if a tree falls in a forest and there's nobody around to hear it....nobody hears it."

Marketing matters.
FRAMEWORK 4: Great Investing is Patience

Your job is to wait and prepare and wait and prepare.

Read. Think. Analyze. Repeat.

Then, when the right opportunity comes along, strike with conviction.

Easy to say, hard to do.

"The best financial models can be done by hand on a napkin.

It should be so staggeringly obvious that it slaps you in the face."

Great opportunities are in understanding finance but speaking like a normal person and making it simple.
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