One of Greta Google doc revealed the scheduled planning for 26th-Jan "protest". The doc has a logo of "POETIC JUSTICE FOUNDATION" which is a lesser-known Canada-based NGO. They hardly have any presence on SM, however, further research discovered some shocking details ...
The PJF's Insta page is full of propaganda. They r literally narrating that govt is k!ll!ng farmers. Check out their provocative posts, the entire page has one word in common- 'K!LL!NG' !! Apparently, they have done a lot of marketing of 26th Jan.
PJF's official stand on 26th violence was shockingly provocative as 26Jan could be another 1984 genoc!de as "large scale murdr might be appropriate means to quelling the protest" (by govt). Full statement-
While 'Canadian NGO' has already rung the bell in mind, here comes another dot- "K". Below is Ad of the webinar conducted by PJF on 'Khalistan- The Sikh Freedom Struggle'. PJF's co-founder @neeti420 Anit Lal writes "What's the deal with Indian (Brahman) govt?" @PoeticJFdn
As per Anita Lal's LinkedIn profile, she works in Canada and her comment on the 26th Jan violence picture says the rest of the story. 
@HMOIndia @MEAIndia @NIA_India @GoI_MeitY Pls check. PJF seems to have some deep connection with 26th Jan conspiracy besides spreading such provocative, Anti-National, Pro-Khalistan material on social media sites.
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Little thread, a propagandist Canadian NGO campaigning for farmer protest, got some dots connected with Khalistan movement.
Thanks for acknowledgement.
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Add on Thread:
Q: What triggered PJF to conduct a webinar on Khalistan in Oct'20?
A: A report in Sep'20 by journalist Terry Milewski named “Khalistan: A Project of Pakistan” reveals the concept designed by Pak to subvert the national security of Canada & India.
In July'19 Pro-Khl org Sikh For Justice (SFJ) calls for "Referendum 2020". As per SJF American-based lawyer Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, Ref20 will be initiated at Kartarpur Sahib, Pakistan in Nov'19 on 550th birth anniversary.
Supposedly SJF offered PM Imran Khan during the Indo-China land dispute, if India ever attacks Pak, Pro-Khalistani will support Pak. Go through the news here-
It makes more sense when you would compare the proposed map of Khalistan. While old map suggests 65% of Khalistan falls in Pak & the new one has NOT EVEN AN INCH in PAK rather they expand the territory of Indian fraction.

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