Focus on ONE thing

One of the best ways to get the least amount done, is to try and work on multiple things at once

Now if you have superpowers like @elonmusk, you might be able to pull this off. But most of us probably can't

Working on multiple things at once, means you are not giving 100% effort on any singular thing.

Now, I don't know Elon personally, but if I had to guess, I believe he is just very effective with context switching.

He probably only works on ONE thing at a time, but he is able to shift his focus completely to other things quickly. So throughout the day he can accomplish a lot of different things.

For most of us this is still hard. I try to only have a couple things to focus per day

Even then I know I could still be doing better, and having more focus for those couple things.

But when it is time to focus, put everything else away, and only do that ONE thing.

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