The whole plot seems to have written a ‘Lame PR exercise’ all over it planned by Congress, and the critical meeting with PR agency could’ve happened in RaGa’s quick Europe trip, seeing the timing. Aim is to generate anti Indian gov feeling across the world. #Farmer’s protest
protest issue is now being taken across the world to hit the popularity of PM Modi and present government. The PR agency handling this must’ve been paid to only focus on biggest Handles on social media, irrespective of what they do. Porn stars, IG influencers, climate activist,
musician, singer ...doesn’t matter. If you have followers, just go ahead and tweet. The language itself is a direct giveaway. Various tweets from these celebs are using words like ‘ Bhakts, Media censor, paid actors’ etc etc which doesn’t happen unless you’re deeply engaged and
Following the happenings day to day. And I have no doubt that Mia Khalifa has no time to ‘stand up’ and read about Indian politics and events every day. This is new low even for Indian opposition. They’ve indeed taken a leaf from US elections and how the Left managed info-war n
was able to control the narratives. But they forget that the fact remains that it’s Indians who vote in Indian elections. And for whatever good or bad, they are influenced by whatever is happening around them. The gov needs to resolve the issue with farmers and make sure that
they too are heard and get justice. Same way maintaining law and order is also important to ensure everyone safety. With majority of votes coming from rural India, someone needs to tell Rihanna that congrats on earning a good amount for your msg, but it’ll hardly make any
Difference to those who are gonna decide whom to vote for. While whole world is praising India for its efforts in providing Vaccines, a few celebs who are followed not for their political acumen but entertainment quotient might get a lot of likes and RTs( positive and negative,
and most coming from India anyway)but they aren’t going to change anything. Rather it’s become a joke. Messaging is critical n even more critical is who it comes from. This debilitated n desperate effort is from someone with lot of money, hate for gov n really low IQ! #GuessWho
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