Regarded as Guruvayur of Trivandrum district, the Mandir enshrines Unnikannan (child Krishna) as the presiding deity holding butter in both hands.
The Mandir was built in 1755, by Marthanda Varma.
It is said that once Maharshi Agastya performed a yajna. The ghee from the pots overflowed and formed a river (Neyyar-river of ghee). Maharshi kept offering ghee to fire by making its balls. Krishna accepted and ate this ghee offering by appearing in child form.
This was witnessed by Rishi Vilvamangalam Swami. He did pratishtha of child Krishna here.

Later, when Marthanda Verma was a prince, he was troubled by enemies called “Ettuveettil Pillamar”. Once, when he was trapped, a boy led him to a jack tree with a hollow trunk.
The prince hid inside it n escaped from enemies. Later an astrologer told him that the boy who showed him the hideout was actually Krishna.
The King then build a mandir near the tree.
The tree came to be called ‘Ammachi plavu’ (Mother jack tree) and its remnants are still here.
Here, devotees offer rasakadali banana n butter as Thrikkai Venna.
The offering is placed on either hand of Prabhu n given back to devotees as prasadam.
Eating Thrikkai Venna is considered a good remedy for stomach ailments.

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Hare Krishna🙏🏻
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