There is a myth. The myth of the Republican tough guy. Maybe a rancher, maybe the military, the Everyman. The leading right wing masculine values.
In reality they exude the opposite. What they have is Sean Hannity, Ted Cruz, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani and such. The play act
tough guys, the crusaders of values. In reality they live lives of weakness, fear, unbridled hedonism, and none of those “Traditional Masculine Virtues.”
Yet the myth of the honor bound, courageous Republican man of the people persists. The fictitious archetypes of the Strong,
Courageous, and Moral Warrior even though those individuals practically never displayed any of those virtues in their actual lives. But these deceitful caricatures have worked, and it is long past the time to expose and stop them.
This rank mythmaking and exploitation of cultural, gender, and psychological themes had its roots in the transformation of actor Ronald Reagan into a John Wayne–archetype cowboy who alone had the courage to stand tall against the Soviet Empire.
Al Gore and John Kerry both volunteered to go to Vietnam; yet each lost the election because they were portrayed as effeminate, soft, elitist cowards. In 2000, Gore was controlled by the emasculating feminist Naomi Wolf and, in Maureen Dowd’s formulation,
he was “practically lactating,” whereas in 2004, Kerry was dominated by his rich foreign wife and was an effete, windsurfing French pansy. The Republicans have generally been privileged little boys that have never done anything heroic. But the right wing noise machine dresses
them up as tough guys, whilst the real heroes are attacked and vilified. And Republican voters fall for it every time.
Republican politicians are now just slicked back hair, slimy, privileged, whiny, snotty little b***h boys. (Apologies for the language). đź––
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