📈 STONKS, the ultimate E-sport
(a short thread)

@elonmusk recently tweeted “who controls the memes, controls the universe”. He wasn’t kidding. Memes are like great jokes - they communicate truth in a powerful & nuanced way. As Musk said on Clubhouse last night...

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“If a picture says a 1,000 words, maybe a meme says 10,000 words.”

Now a whole generation of meme-native kids, educated by gaming and reddit, is coming of age. We shouldn’t be surprised that they see everything through this lens - including investing.
This new breed of investor is creative, relentless, and exceptionally adept at forming alliances toward a common goal. Seen through this lens, the recent GSE/WSB/RH phenomenon was inevitable & obvious... and only the beginning.
After all, *stonks is the ultimate e-sport* - challenging, fun, & social, with levels, bragging rights (trash talk), & real money as the score! It perfectly leverages the skills gamers have honed through thousands of hours of complex massively multi-player gaming.
The suits (hedge funds and others in the ruling financial class) were caught flat footed. For decades the system has been rigged in their favor - they believed they had the power. But of course that was a delusion...
The great thing about American democracy is that the people always have the power, even when it’s not readily apparent. When our collective will is aligned, democracy (and capitalism) self-corrects swiftly and decisively. It ain’t pretty but revolutions never are.
This is what we’re witnessing. It’s the fall of the Berlin Wall for finance.

It may feel like an isolated incident but mark my words, this is a trend that will only accelerate, shaking the foundation of our financial system.

Wringing our hands & looking backwards is pointless.
The only question that matters now is: How can we adapt?
@stoolpresidente was way ahead of this trend. He acts like he’s just along for the ride, but he’s crazy like a fox... https://twitter.com/stoolpresidente/status/1356379659647250434
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