Where are we heading as Sanatan followers & Bharatiya jann?

There are many questions that come across my mind that I try to find answers but I can't make myself understand.

There are issues that we as a community should adress.

There are issues that we need to create.
Issues range from the culture revival to reclaiming of the temples to giving equal rights to those who still face caste based discrimination & creating a nation & society that will set an example for the human civilization around the world to learn from.
We have been trying very hard to fight the haters,
We have been fighting anti-Hindus & most of our time is gone in fighting for Dharma but we don't understand that "one can't protect Dharma if one does not know what it is" as said by Shri Rama.
We waste most of our times fighting over history.

I see some lower castes cursing the upper castes for mistakes they had never done personally in life & some upper castes feeling proud on their caste.

There is no sense of mutual respect & understanding.
There are parts of the nation where they run this theory of 'mulnivasi' or Dravidian race theory & some other part trying to destroy Hinduism.
Just don't know what have we become & where are we headed.
People waste less time on lifting themselves but more on belittling others.
There is no part that hates Hindi and there are other parts that mocks someone on the basis of physical features.
And this hate is something that is wrong.

Why can't we have a sense of understanding & tolerance of differences.

Why do we force others to be like us?
Some say that there cannot be a mandir below but same people won't return the places of worship where there clearly has been injustice.

Some people don't understand that Pakistan is Islamic Republic of Pakistan & India is Republic of India & still they can't give with big heart.
Some live in ignorance.
Some deny untouchability & some deny breaking of temples.

There is no sense of trying to correct the issues.

There is no one trying to adress the issue & talk about the issues & find middle ways.
The nation is already divided.

There are various propagandas going on throughout various states & groups.

And it is failure of common Indians that we are not able to figure them out.
All these issues will lead to problems only in the future.

The time has come when communities must accept their wrongs & stop protecting the wrongs.

Time has come when religions should understand that our books have been manipulated by humans in past & we must reform them.
We all know there are certain sections in the religious books or in the writings of people we revere are wrong but still we blindly follow them & when someone opposite to our ideology reads those very sections.
It is very likely that the person may find them inhumane.
In such cases religions should unite & create central organisations and print new & edited versions of their books.

The edited versions will be free from the little wrongs that might have accumulated throughout the years.
Talking about Hindu-Muslim Unity.

Well for that one thing must be understood again,
Pakistan made Islamic Republic of Pakistan & we made Republic of India.

But still Hindus agreed to this.

Do you know why?
These are the images that are given in the constitution.
Even our Constitution did not see Rama through secular lens.
Rama,Arjuna,Mahabharata,Vedas & Upanishads are part of the Bharata & culture.
But today people especially leftist have converted them to Religion to discard them
When we got independence, we never thought that in Ayodhya or Kashi or Mathura where our temples existed & were broken wrongly will not be given back to us.

We never thought that name of Rama would secular instead of part of the Indian culture.
Even when Gandhi allowed Muslims to stay in India we accepted them with open heart thinking that the muslims will be more like Akbar.
So, was Akbar printed too in our constitution & we accepted him as a decent king who respected and accepted Indian age old culture.
Similarly, we regarded the Aurungzeb as wrong & we included Sikh guru & Shivaji as freedom fighters to tried to save the humanity from Aurungzeb.

But today the many have changed.

They have started protecting Aurungzeb & turned haters of Indian Civilisation.
This was something that Ambedker ji feared.

Ambedker ji wanted a near perfect division.

He knew that once the other side gets communal, the Hindus who never unite will unite to throw down the central government.

But Gandhi ji belived in unity.
But Gandhi's ide of unity was flawed & it is slowly getting realised by Hindus.

Hindus care for their Civilisation, we take proud in it but when you can allow laying foundation stone which is somehow connected more to Christianity & it is secular but Vedic chants aren't secular.
These steps clearly mean that there steps being taken to disregard the culture of the nation.

And this disregarding of culture is based on the US belief of secularism but we forget that modern USA never had a historical culture as old & as diverse as ours.
When we talk about Buddha or Rama we don't talk about Religion, we talk about culture of the land.

When we talk about Akbar or Taj Mahal we don't talk about Islam but we talk about the Indian culture.

It is our failure that we aren't able to recognise these things.
It is all because a wing of India tries to put in the western values in the unique India.
And It is the arrogance of the Communities that do not accept their wrong.

When they protect the wrongs.

Image clearly shows that the Mandir was broken but still Hindus have to fight for getting it back.

No Muslim leader says that it was wrong & we will chage it.
But still I see people calling Hindus Communal.
For Ram Mandir we are blamed for putting the Babri Down but they don't see that even though it was put down in a moment still we waited patiently for almost 30 years to get our rights & we got it still people aren't accepting it.
First those against Ram Mandir said that Ram worship existed only in the 17-18 century but they ignored the facts that many more inscriptions & art pieces have been recovered which existed way before 18 century.

Then they questioned the Archeological evidences.
Before that inscription was found.
People said inscription is false.
But then they were given proofs that inscriptions aren't false

Then the same people accepted inscription but told that inscription are planted from some other place.

It was proven wrong too.
Then they ignored the walls & pillars of the Hindu architectural style.
Then when they thought they don't have any thing left.

They told the Ram Mandir isn't Ram Mandir but a Buddhist or Jain temple but here they ignored the inscription that was found before to build narratives.
At the end when courts realised that the Hindus were wronged & corrected it.

The people again started crying trying to fool common people who don't know about History.

It is only because of some people that innocent are fooled & the innocent are made to hate others.
Hindu-Muslim Unity would have been true if the INC & Indian government would have taught the true history instead of teaching Marxist History.

They tried to hide truth but truth cannot be hidden.

Today people go through the records of muslim era & find the truth.
But people don't accept it because the Indian state has not taught it's citizens to accept the truth.

They tried to make a unity on the basis of lies which was baseless and fell and shall keep on failing until & unless the wrongs of the past aren't corrected.
There is one thing that we Indians must accept.
If some Indians in southern part hate Sanskrit or Hindi & try to put down other cultures of some other Indians hate others then it won't be loss to anyone else but India.
It is important that we realise that all the culture is ours.
Yoga is ours, Buddha is Ours, Taj Mahal is ours,Vedas are ours, the philosphies of Karma & Upanishads are ours, the ram mandir is ours & the new babri masjid that will be made is ours.

It is important that we sort out the wrongs.

It is important that we accept the wrongs.
It is important for us to not try to imitate the west.

In India we don't want absolute FOE of expression.

We should respect each & every Religion & in case of disputes of Ideology of Religions we must edit & reform those ideologies & get better & forget the darker sides.
And let me as a Bhartiya make it very clear.

If you don't accept the culture of the nation then be sure you are against my ideology & I'll try my best to preserve the culture of this nation.
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