@elonmusk Elon - this is a tweetstorm meant solely for you. A few days ago you surprised everyone by stating that in retrospect, it was inevitable. You had changed your bio to #bitcoin , delighting Bitcoin enthusiasts all over the world.
While I got very excited by the idea of you looking into crypto, I was also saddened by your decision as I believe there are cryptocurrencies that align with your values and goals far better.
In the hopes of opening your eyes to this, let me explain to you why I personally feel like it would be worth your time to check out $NANO – the lowest latency & error money in history. To begin with – what is NANO?
NANO is a cryptocurrency in the purest sense – designed from the ground up to be money. Money as a system for labor allocation, to pay for things, and to preserve value in. NANO’s mission statement is identical to what Satoshi intended with Bitcoin. Peer to peer electronic cash.
NANO is that idea, reimagined from the ground up (from first principles, one could say) to eliminate inefficiencies and arrive at the best money in just about every important metric. Let’s break down what I mean by that.
NANO is fast. Incredibly fast. If you’ve ever tried a Bitcoin transaction, you’ll know it takes multiple minutes even on a good day before the transaction has been confirmed. On a bad day, it can be hours. NANO settles instantly.
In fact, average confirmation times for this global, decentralised network are now sub-second, and are mostly limited by the speed of light. This is because NANO was designed as a block lattice instead of a traditional blockchain. Each user essentially has their own blockchain.
There are no miners for NANO, and there is no inflation. There are no wasteful proof-of-work farms consuming electricity to generate coins. All of the coins were fully distributed at origination in 2015. These were freely given away to people via a captcha faucet.
Because there is no mining and no inflation in NANO, there are no fees. Instead of requiring a fee, a small proof of work is required to make a transaction. It’s not noticeable for the end user, but serves as a mechanism for preventing spam attacks.
For any money to truly dominate and compete against Venmo/Paypal etc, it needs to be feeless. Over the long run, fees will push people away from using money networks, while the lack of fees will draw them in. It’s the best possible user experience.
Nano has many fantastic wallets available for Android and iPhone, designed by 3rd party developers from the community. Natrium is the top wallet, that allows you to store friends’ addresses, scan or send QR codes, and transact feelessly with lightning speed.
As a crypto user since 2012, I personally have never seen a crypto user experience that can compete with using Natrium to send and receive NANO.
WeNano is a newer app that functions as a wallet and allows users to create hotspots that grant free NANO to others based on geographic location. It’s like Pokemon Go, but with crypto.
You’ll also appreciate that the app creators turned the ISS into a location-based Nano faucet. WeNano has already exploded in use worldwide and is especially popular in 3rd world countries where alternative currencies are needed most.
Just a few days ago yet another NANO wallet was announced called Kaiak. It’s designed to use KaiOS, the second largest mobile phone operating system in India (after Android). Yet again another innovative piece of software developed by a third party from the community.
Many luminaries in the crypto space are aware of NANO due to the 15 minutes of fame it had in 2017, when its spectacular run captured everyone’s attention.
However, if you ask our industry’s so-called “thought leaders” what they think of NANO, most will tell you it’s another shitcoin undeserving of your time. “Nobody uses it. It’s just a bunch of bots on Twitter.”
Perhaps the reason they won’t look at NANO is because they don’t have a VC allocation, so there’s nothing in it for them. Perhaps they’re cynical and tired because of the countless crypto scams out there.
You being someone who encountered a lot of cynicism, I would implore you to take a few minutes out of your busy day to look at NANO. Download Natrium to your phone, and check it out for yourself. Grab free NANO from a NANO faucet (Google it), or DM me and I will gladly send some.
Try sending some around to your friends, or get a second wallet on the side to pingpong some NANO between wallets. Stop by the Reddit ( http://reddit.com/r/nanocurrency ) and see the active discussion that happens there every day.
NANO has an enthusiastic user base that grows by the day, all NANO needs to succeed is time. NANO’s technology and user experience represents a leap forward over the current incumbents. Will Bitcoin’s first mover advantage be enough?
Maybe, but if there is anything we have learnt from your successes it’s that reinventing an industry based on first principles thinking can lead to success.
NANO could use someone like you, who has a lot of visibility and a history of focusing on the tech and fundamentals. Reinventing, improving and perfecting despite it being an uphill battle is what the world respects you for, and it’s what NANO is also trying to do.
It would mean the world for you to say “I’ve tried NANO, it’s pretty neat. It’s actually not a shitcoin, the tech is quite exciting”.
If you have read this far, thank you for your time, and thank you for all you have done for the world. You have inspired me, as I’m sure you have inspired many others. There are few people that have such a lasting, positive impact on the world.
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