1. Of course there hasn’t been any studies out yet on the COVID vaccine. But there has been on other vaccines. And the biggest determination if a patient would get a vaccine or not is if the provider would simply ask or offer education materials.
2. Even vaccine hesitant (not vaccine deniers) patients are more likely to get the vaccine when they are able to talk it out with their provider.
A lot of people think that black people aren’t getting the COVID 19 vaccine based on skepticism or conspiracy theories.
3. There is some skepticism, but not that much. If past is prologue, it’s probably the same reason as other vaccinations. Limited resources, education materials and providers who don’t take the time to discuss the vaccine with black patients.
4. Bet. There will be study will come out in 5- 10 years that show this data, the same like all the rest of the vaccine studies.
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