I made it into the original room with @elonmusk.

Several overflow rooms with 5k rebroadcasting.
. @elonmusk says he “hasn’t seen any evidence of an alien civilization” and that he would be one of the first to know and would talk about it.
He makes a joke about needing images of UFO’s better than @7eleven.

Wish the moderators would follow up about these military grade videos.
. @elonmusk talks about his great #MemeDealer’s that help him gain internet notoriety— my best meme dealer is @thatjohnnygreen.
Musk says we’re already cyborgs with tertiary digital limbs but just need to improve the bandwidth between it and our cortex.

Enter: @neuralink
He goes on:

Conceptual telepathy = uncompressed thoughts being immediately transferred.

Could eventually able to download your brain and live on in a robot buddy.

Analogous to a “pause and save” for video games.

He talks about a practical application of @neuralink being helping quadriplegics be able to control mechanical limbs with their minds.
. @pmarca asks @elonmusk about what information diet a five year old should be on and Musk talks about his kids were largely educated by YouTube and Reddit.

He says it’s mostly important to explain why what is being taught is important — relevance makes learning more compelling
“If you need encouraging words, don’t do a startup.” - @elonmusk
A couple jokes on #Bitcoin and #dogecoin before moving on.

Reminds folks that doge coin was started as a joke but says that “fate loves irony” and the most ironic thing would be for Doge coin to become the currency of the future.
When asked about his daily schedule, @elonmusk talks about starting his day by checking for emergencies via text or emails.

Talks of the need to do your “chores” at work, otherwise things go off the rails.
Talks about the need to do less context switching — design schedule around the ability to focus on one thing at a time.
. @elonmusk says he doesn’t have any open space in his calendar and that it’s an “insane torrent” and that he doesn’t recommend it. Says he’s not sure how long it can maintain before his brain exploded. Says maybe he should take a week off.

Uh, yeah, dude.
Talking about the mRNA vaccines as the future of medicines, says it similar to the “digitization” of medicine, essentially to ability to create code for your body.
Moderators begins to wrap up the room before @elonmusk asks if they’d like to bring up @vladtenev of @RobinhoodApp — but the room is maxed out — we’ll see what happens.
. @vladtenev is up!
. @RobinhoodApp founder @vladtenev says that at 3am PST @RobinhoodApp received a file from the NSCC requesting $3 billion to cover their volume.
*3am PST on Thursday.

Vlad says he was sleeping and that the operations team fielded the request.
After a series of calls, the NSCC lowered the requirement to $1.5 billion from $3 billion and eventually lowered it to $700 million but @RobinhoodApp still had to restrict trade to stay in the guidelines of their capitalization requirements.
. @elonmusk to @vladtenev: “To what degree are you beholden to Citadel?”
I can’t believe that @elonmusk and @vladtenev were both in this room and after the week we just had, we’re just going to end it! #Clubhouse
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