If you cannot get access to the @elonmusk conversation on @joinClubhouse here are my notes
“Questions are more important than answer"
Elon is currently talking about making life multi planetary and the importance of it
“If the ships stop coming from Earth, does Mars die out or not” - On creating a self sustaining civilization on Mars
Somebody is asking about UFOs to Elon. This is gonna get juicy
On UFO sightings “Not a single piece of conclusive evidence. The probable explanation from other means is much more likely. The resolution of pictures should be at least 711 ATM good"
On memes "A picture says a 1000 words, a meme says a 10,000 words"
Mod: Some of your memes may not be safe for work
Elon: Why do they have to be safe for work *laughs*
Elon : "Most people say “he’s gone crazy on Twitter” No I started ‘crazy’ on Twitter *laughs* "
"I have some kickass meme dealers...you gotta have some kickass meme dealers"
On @neuralink “Neuralink would enable conceptual telepathy”
Elon says there is a monkey at Neuralink that can play games with just its mind
On @neuralink chip: “We have tested implantation, removal and re-implantation. It works great"
Mod: “What is the best way to teach a 5 year old"
Elon: "Most of my kids education is coming from online. Make it as interesting and exciting as possible. Fundamental thing is explain the why? Explain the relevance. We tend to remember things that are relevant"
Mods: Why doesn’t the world have more Elon Musks?
Elon: "There were very long sections of my life that were painful. It’s like, What encouraging words do you have for an entrepreneur who wants to do a startup. If you need encouraging words, don’t do a startup”
On Bitcoin ₿ : “I’m late to the party, but I’m a supporter of Bitcoin” #Bitcoin
“For driving on real world roads, you have to solve vision…”
“A ton of what I deal with is not fun, they are chores. But you gotta do your chores….I’ll have a bunch of meetings, emails…”
“I do like in person meetings more. I have a slight negative limbic reaction to email…Text are good, in-person meetings are much better… anything is better than email”
On context switching “Fear is not my killer, context-switching is my killer. Focus on one thing for an hour and another thing for another hour”
Mods: “Elon, how does your calendar look?”
“I usually have back-to-back meetings, it’s insane”
“Maybe I should write a book of my experiences"
On sleeping on the factory floor: “I slept on the floor outside the conference room so people know I am there. Seeing is believing…I was asking people to go all out, I cannot expect them to go all out if I’m not doing the same thing”
Mods: “If you magically had an extra 5 hours a day, what would you start”
Elon: ”I wouldn’t start another thing” *laughs*
On vaccines: “I’m not an anti-vaxxer. I am a pro-vaxer”
“I tried to get a job at Netscape btw. I was hanging out in the lobby but was too shy to talk to anyone. I ended up writing stuff by myself. I wrote the first maps and directions on the internet”
Mods: “Any last thoughts?"
Elon: "Do you wanna hear the real story from Vlad from Robinhood?” 🤯 @RobinhoodApp #WSB #GME
They are letting Vlad in to Clubhouse room (CEO of Robinhood)
Elon: “Vlad the stock impaler” *laughs*
Elon to Vlad: “Spill the beans man. What happened last week? People wanna know"
Vlad (Robinhood CEO): “We received a file from NSCC…We have to put up money to the NSCC..The gave us a file with a deposit. The request was $3 billion, which is an order of magnitude more than it typically is”
Elon to Vlad about the NSCC request: “I think what everybody wants to know is, did something maybe shady went down here“
Vlad replied no, basically
Elon to Vlad: “Is anybody holding you hostage?” *laughs*
Vlad: “No, thanks for asking” *laughs*
Elon: “Who controls the clearing houses?”
Vlad: “It’s a consortium, not a government agency. I don’t know the details”
Vlad on restricting selling: ““People get pissed off, if they are holding stocks and can’t sell them. It’s categorically worse”"
Mod: “Would you be coming again on Clubhouse”?
Elon: “Uh...yeah"
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