Elon Musk clubhouse key points:

2/x - Elon
time to mars: 5 years
needed: large rapidly reusable rocket (like aircraft), orbital refueling, high efficiency low cost propellants, local propellant production on Mars
why does consciousness matter?
Elon: got depressed thinking about this, got out of it reading hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. The questions are the hard part. We have to increase the scope/ scale of consciousness to understand questions. We face @robinhanson’s great filter
all civilizations face an arc (egypt forgot how to build pyramids and read hieroglyphs, romans - couldn’t build aqueducts). Globalization helps us build redundancy. The window for multi-planetary life is unclear, but won’t last forever. fossil record has many mass extinctions
what does society on mars look like?

not up to me. determined by need for self sufficiency. if the ships from earth stop coming what happens? it needs to get to that stage before our civilization declines.

what comes first? society on mars or WWIII
@pmarca - what can they build on mars 10 yrs in?

mars will be a dangerous frontier. we have to build propellant plants, food production, iron ore refinery, fundamentals of industry. we can terraform over time by warming it up
@pmarca will civilization on mars be more like spartan society because of constraints? Will we have a counterfactual
@elonmusk yes. time gaps mean new cohorts and resupply only every 2 years. all that matters is self sustaining. consciousness is a little candle in the dark
@sriramk alien sightings recently and dark forest theory?

@elonmusk can be explained other ways. the resolution of the picture needs to at least be 7/11 level good or iphone 6.
@pmarca what if your kids want to go to mars?

I would be OK by 3rd or 4th landing but no takers so far
@sriramk what do you mean by “control memes control the world”?
@elonmusk a picture says a 1000 words, meme says 10,000 words. they can be insightful... symbolism has powerfully affected people.
11/x what are the interesting memes you’re following?

@elonmusk: I have kickass meme dealers.
12/x What is Neuralink?
stems from concern under even benign AI scenario, how do humans go along for the ride? look at gpt-1 vs gpt 3.... how do humans stay relevant? coupling collective human will. the bandwidth of human brain is low with phone communication is limited by thumbs
instead of compressing complex thought structures into words and then decompressing them. with neuralink you could send uncompressed thoughts. you can save state. when you wake up you’re not the same as yesterday, it could be like altered carbon
14/x short term neuralink is about fixing spine injuries. Control a computer mouse wirelessly just by thinking.
15/x education for 5 year olds:
@elonmusk - my kids were educated by youtube and reddit, you want to make it as interesting as possible... like a good video game... you must explain why because we’re designed to forget. taking apart engine establishes relevance of wrenches.
@elonmusk - you need a narrative for teaching. like for an engine, what steps do you need to get more torque out of the engine and thats where things like maxwells equation becomes relevant
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