It's late, but I think I might start another long (unfinished) thread. Why not? Coffee brewing...

I listened to several Gene Decode interviews this week talking about the things nobody wants to talk about.

1.) The Underground.
2) Now when Gene was rambling off spectacular details about the Underground, my mental graph database was making weird connections with 12 years of conspiracy research and observations...
3) So before I touch on what Gene discussed, let me first lay out these strange connections—which may or may not be ultimately related.
4) The Allegory of the Cave, by Plato, seems to be more than just an allegory. Let me explain...
5) The Allegory discusses the plight of prisoners who know not the "above ground" reality, but merely understand their world through shadow plays on the wall, told by their captors. A story of ideas and forms.

A shameful, reductionist, oversimplification, but you get the idea.
6) Hold that thought...

Let me lay out a few more items before getting into Gene's information.

Item #2: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

đź‘€Protocol #13:

"the undergrounds, metropolitans, those subterranean corridors..."
7) Before you go saying that the "Protocols" are a hoax—the position taken by all establishment organizations (ADL, etc.)—consider what Ronald Bernard did after he healed himself from a dark life w/ the cabal...

He studied theology ... And the Protocols.
8) Item #3: Russian movies...

Have you ever considered what the film industry might be like in other countries? (besides Bollywood).

How about Russian movies? How might they portray the Tartars, the Huns, the Mongols... The Khazars?

I recently watched one... Eye-opening.
9) I watched a movie called, "The Horde," Which of course is about the Golden Horde (mongols).

Since you can read the Protocols and the Allegory, I'll expand on this movie a bit, and what particularly caught my attention.

Or, watch it yourself:
10) In the first 15 mins. of the movie the last thousand years was summarized for those with eyes to see.

Watch the women
Symbolism will be their downfall
The underground

"I'll make the Pope my head Shepard..."

"I just need to feed my flocks..."
11) Before you start thinking the bad guys all rode horses, came from the steppe, and had Eastern Asian features, I got news for you... That's just part of the story.

Let's go further back... before Plato.
12) Item, #4: Kaymakli & the Cappadocian cave systems-Anatolia, Turkey

Before early Christians found refuge here, these cave systems were inhabited by another people... A very mysterious people...
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