One vaccine figure to rule them all.

70,000 patients vaccinated in #COVID19 trials...

➡️Zero deaths.

(Figure by @ashishkjha). #CovidVaccine
2) almost 75,000 patients vaccinated in these trials to be more exact... this is a historic number of people enrolled in vaccine trials for one disease in under a year.
3) that said, we have to keep in mind that if we vaccinate hundreds of millions of people worldwide over the next few months, there will be countless reports of deaths or major disease diagnoses in these vaccinated. That doesn’t mean it’s due to vaccine. In trials we look for...
4) we look for statistical significance and balance between vaccinated and placebo controls. For examples if we see 5% had major severe adverse effect, but see it in similar % in both groups, then it’s not vaccine related.
5) But what makes me sad is that a lot of people will keep believing vaccinate conspiracies— especially when conspiracies don’t require scientific understanding or insights. Like this guy who sabotaged vaccination...
6) Vaccine disparity problems are huge. A thread 🧵
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