#XRP vs. #ETH vs. #BTC
I’ve been pounding the table for weeks that the Crypto Community needs to come together and unite against an overreaching government. Instead, the #Bitcoin Maxis seem as if they want the SEC to crush all the fake wannabe ShitCoins.
Of course, I always believed that the #Bitcoin crowd believed in free market capitalism. I always believed it was the market that decides who wins and who loses, not the SEC or any other Gov’t Agency. It’s #BTC that should shut down the competition. Of course, #Etheruem Maxis
feel protected because one person from the SEC in 2018 said #ETH was NO LONGER a security. If you hate XRP because you don’t like the fact that @bgarlinghouse sold some of the XRP that he was paid as part of his executive compensation, but you love #ADA or #ALGO, etc, you should
NOT hope that XRP gets killed off. Make no doubt about it, Ripple is fighting for it’s very survival. We all know Ripple’s lawyers have filed FOIA requests for all documents, emails, correspondence and/or anything related to the SEC considering that #ETH and #BTC are not
securities. As a trial lawyer, let me explain what this FOIA request signals. It means if the SEC is putting #XRP on trial, @Ripple is putting #ETH and #BTC on trial. Ripple will clearly argue that if #XRP is a security so is #ETH and, maybe, in some instances, so is #BTC
I’m sure Ripple’s lawyers will argue to the jury and judge that clearly NONE of them are securities, but the SEC can’t make a valid Securities distinction between them. Ripple’s Answer repeatedly makes the case that Ripple never held a traditional Securities offering.
I can guarantee you that Ripple will attempt to draw distinctions between what it did when distributing tokens versus what @VitalikButerin has done. The clip below could easily be considered a Securities Offering. Earlier, I tweeted that Ripple’s lawyers are arguing that calling
#XRP a security today violates principles of Fair Notice and Due Process of Law. Ripple’s lawyers will attempt to show the inconsistent treatment between #ETH and #XRP and that it was reasonable for Ripple to assume #XRP would be treated similar to #ETH and #BTC .
In my last tweet, I called the Due Process argument Brillaint. I say this because it allows Ripple to potentially get into evidence before the jury all the things I’ve been warning about like the @ethereum foundation or the purchase of 500k #ETH by @novogratz . See below thread.
I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Ripple’s lawyers discuss how #Bitcoin mining pools constitute common enterprises promoting #BTC the same way @Ripple promotes #XRP. See Gary Gensler below. The point is this: ALL CRYPTO IS ON TRIAL, not just XRP. For those of you that call
the Ripple executives greedy dogs or any other greedy animal; what happens when you back that animal into a corner? Even a kind and friendly dog will bite back. Ripple is fighting for its very survival and it has a team of ALL STAR Trial lawyers who will defend Ripple to the end.
If that means highlighting the other Crypto projects to demonstrate the fundamental unfairness and violations of fair notice and due process, it’s not throwing the other projects under the bus, it’s called good lawyering. Like Ive said, all of Crypto will be on trial.
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