Let this sink in—

Black Americans are 1.4x more likely to get #COVID19 & 2.8x more likely to die, than Whites.

But in Florida—5.5% of Whites got at least 1 vaccine dose by Jan. 26, versus 2% of Blacks.

➡️Vaccine disparities will exacerbate inequalities.
2) Racial disparities exist in many occupational excess deaths during pandemic too. https://twitter.com/DrEricDing/status/1355408410339115009
3) Vaccination disparity even more striking in NYC— among residents, only 11% of vaccine doses have gone to Black Americans—while 26% of NYC is black. https://twitter.com/marklevinenyc/status/1355912567340879877
4) Vaccine inequality by Chicago zip code... spot anything unequal? https://twitter.com/drericding/status/1353897960501891072
6) we have a lot more vaccines out there but many are missing in action somehow. We need better data on vaccinations period. https://twitter.com/drericding/status/1353767508621275136
7) Because I don’t want this story repeated again and again during this pandemic when the poor, manual labor; and minority groups are the ones suffering the most. https://twitter.com/drericding/status/1354087388893556736
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