Sikhism, a monotheistic religion created by a few Hindus during the time of brutal genocidal Islamic invasion when Hindus (polytheists) were being slaughtered by monotheistic Islamic Mughals. Yet even with their new monotheistic religion, Sikhs were still killed by Muslims.
Even today Sikhs are persecuted & killed in Islamic nations like Pakistan & Afghanistan, their women kidnapped, raped, converted. In India Christian missionaries convert Sikhs just as they do against Hindus seeking to end both.
Neither Christianity or Islam accept Sikhism.
Everything good in Sikhism came from Sanatan Dharma & Hinduism. In Western nations dominated by Christianity, rising Islamism & growing religious bigotry/demonization of Hinduism by Christianity & Islam, Sikhs lie about Dharmic roots & join in attacking & demonizing Hinduism.
They ally with Pakistan & Islam against India, attack their Dharmic home land & protest against her. They even protest against even non-Indian origin Hindu politicians so it’s just against Hinduism. They send money to India funding protest/riots, poisoning the minds of Sikh youth
In their desire for acceptance in western nations & by the bigoted Abrahamic religions of Christianity & Islam, religions that will never actually fully accept them, they’ve turned their back on Dharma & their true Dharmic family.
In their self flagellation before the Abrahamic God of Islamic invaders & Christian colonizers who still to this day seek to destroy their true culture, Sikhs are their own worst enemies.
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