$CCIV/ @LucidMotors one more piece of detective work.

The Lucid rumor was leaked from Saudi Arabia.

The two non-US Bloomberg reporters (Dinesh & Matthew) weren't involved in any prior SPAC-related news.

They cover all Saudi/PIF related news and are always spot on.

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Matthew Martin is based in the United Arab Emirates and is the lead Bloomberg reporter since 2013. He's responsible for covering the energy industry and finance in Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East. $CCIV
Almost every story from Matthew on Bloomberg is Saudi energy, PIF, investment, business related.

All stories that were originally rumors were confirmed afterwards.

Check here: https://www.bloomberg.com/authors/ARnJal27ChA/matthew-martin $CCIV
Dinesh Nair is based in London and is the Bloomberg M&A Team Leader (Europe and the Middle East) since 2014. He's focusing on M&A, IPOs and deal financing coverage across the region. $CCIV
Nearly all big stories that are around the Saudi Arabian market are tag-teamed between him and Matthew.

Check here: https://www.bloomberg.com/authors/ARyyGQR8v_w/dinesh-nair
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