Wow. 1 in 3 hospitalized with #COVID19 gets readmitted to the hospital within a few months after discharge. ~48,000 UK patients.

Great animated lecture on #LongCovid by @Dr2NisreenAlwan, animated by @VickiGSP using info from UK @IndependentSage experts.
2) Furthermore, 1 in 8 of those who were discharged subsequently die. And many suffer long term ailments like heart disease, liver, kidney, diabetes, and more. This doesn’t even include less clinical critical cognitive effects. #LongCovid is real.
3) How common is #LongCovid overall? UK estimates 1 in 5 at 5 weeks and 1 in 10 have symptoms have even 12 weeks after initial #COVID19 diagnosis.

Lecture again by @Dr2NisreenAlwan
4) Let these numbers sink in... 1 in 10 at 12 weeks still have symptoms!
5) Here is the original study of the above lecture from few weeks ago. We need to prepare our healthcare system long term for the impact of millions with #LongCovid. This is gonna be larger than Gulf War Syndrome or long term health of 9/11 first responders.
6) Let’s also don’t forget #LongCovid lung damage. @BKendallMD
7) This lung 🫁 issue is very personal to me too. As a child, due to a tumor, I lost a large section of my right lung that had to be removed + removal of my baseball sized tumor. It made me want to study epidemiology at Hopkins & Harvard. Story:
8) The term #LongCovid is also more inclusive in acknowledging that their Covid illness isn’t recovering. Many who suffered illness after 9/11 & Gulf War had trouble getting recognition for many years until their syndromes were recognized—then allows building political support.
9) We also cannot forgot cognitive deficits seen in #COVID19 patients. Here is a detailed 🧵 of the evidence on cognitive function.
10) Covid is indeed becoming a chronic disease.
11) older study — but chronic disease also further exacerbates risk of severe COVID (which then further damages these organs). There is a potential for a downward spiral says @andreafeigl1.
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