10yo me would plan to ask God in heaven things like: what is the largest group of bears that has ever gathered, what they were doing there, did they notice they were in an unusually large group for bears, etc.
to this day, am still preoccupied with categories of possible information that would be virtually impossible for any person to know or that are simply of no use or interest within any intellectual paradigm, but which I imagine could in principle exist within the mind of God
I think about this long enough and it puts me in a bad mood for how the only guarantor for whatever piece of ungraspable knowledge is a capricious gathering up and binding together of whatever imaginative mental flotsam and not the existence of a world in which it'd be meaningful
wondering if I am still holding on to an unreconstructed hope that at the end of all things it will turn out that e.g. yes: here was the group; it was an amusing coincidence, but when they all stood up in that clearing and saw one another it changed bear culture forever
Haha, I was planning to write during his nap today and instead I made these tweets and watched @dothedan's trucking stream. Now he's up!
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