Philly gave a 22-year-old white graduate student in psychology, with a startup and no healthcare experience, thousands of vaccines to distribute. It ended up being a mess. He took doses home to vaccinate his girlfriend, while cancelling vaccine appointments for the public.
Health commissioner Tom Farley has been asked to explain what happened. Doroshin approached with a vaccine plan, he says, that met the city's health standards.
"I hope people can understand why on the surface this looked like a good thing," Farley says. "In retrospect, we should have been more careful with this organization."
Only 12 percent of vaccinated Philadelphians are Black — in a city where 44% of residents are Black.
Philly should have given more vaccines to trusted, community-based organizations, like the Black Doctors Covid19 Consortium led by Dr. @alastanford who have already been on the ground doing this important work.
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