Most dangerous jobs for #COVID19 mortality. Highlights:

Cooks / food industry
Machine operators
Agricultural workers
Construction laborers
First responders
Truck drivers
Teaching assistants
2) During COVID-19 pandemic, working age adults experienced a 22% increase in mortality compared to historical periods— excess mortality was highest in food/agriculture (39% increase), transportation/logistics (28% increase), facilities (27%) and manufacturing (23% increase).
4) picture is worth a thousand words... and my god how many occupations stand out in excess deaths.
5) And which racial groups hit the hardest? Latinos had a 36% increase in mortality, with a 59% increase among Latino food/agriculture workers. Blacks had a 28% increase, with a 36% increase for Black retail workers. Asians had an 18% increase, with 40% increase among Asian HCWs
6) meanwhile, Excess mortality among White working-age Californians increased by 6%, with a 16% increase among White food/agriculture workers.
7) To be clear, these are total excess deaths, not all ascribed to COVID per se. but they are excess in compared to average deaths in many past years. Thus we consider them directly or indirectly related to the pandemic.
8) “Conclusions Certain occupational sectors have been associated with high excess mortality during the pandemic, particularly among racial and ethnic groups also disproportionately affected by COVID-19. In-person essential work is a likely venue of transmission of coronavirus...
9) ...”infection and must be addressed through strict enforcement of health orders in workplace settings and protection of in-person workers. Vaccine distribution prioritizing in-person essential workers will be important for reducing excess COVID mortality.”
10) please no more “it’s just the flu” because it is most definitely not.
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