Just because Westerners stole Yoga from Hinduism and commercialized it as solely a form of exercise doesn’t remove its origins in Hinduism. Besides your westernized Yoga is missing out on the real benefits, so enjoy your exercise, your hypocrisy & your Christian bigotry. https://twitter.com/jazzzm_/status/1355000836418662401
How sad are Christians, following a Middle Eastern religion with a Middle Eastern Jesus they turned into a white man to suit their racist tendencies that gave us the Dark Ages & a brutal history of cultural destruction, inquisitions & genocide against mostly brown & black people
Christianity laid the foundation of European white supremacy & they colonized the world holding inquisitions, committing genocides, destroying cultures, erasing our shared history while looting & stealing ancient knowledge for their own use but giving no credit to its creator.
And today we see black & brown Christians benefiting from stolen knowledge while participating in Christian bigotry & demonization of cultures that knowledge came from and of other black & brown people for following their ancient & beautiful spiritual practices & religions. . .
Religions like Hinduism, Sanatan Dharma & the vast knowledge of the Vedas that gave me what Christianity & its dogma never could. A true understanding of human spirituality, Self & our true oneness with God. Heaven is here, now, surrounding us, within us, not a reward for later.
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